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I know many of you has run into this problem before. You are managing a website or trying to maintain your online presence, and you wish some professionals could help you.

Even if you have basic knowledge, you are not as skilled as a full-time developer or designer. And if you do not have any knowledge and have to start from the scratch everything seems so scary and hard to understand. Hosting, front-end, back-end, domain, theme, plugin… the list goes on and on. So is there a place where you could just get things done without knowing all the mambo jumbo behind it? Let us find out.

Current State of The Market

There are many services which offer customizations and development or aggregate freelancers from all over the world. There are two basic types of services for out-sourcing your work: with tested/verified developers, and without any verification with free signup (apart from the rating that can be submitted by the client).

Freelancer Aggregators

Many sites let any developer provide their services. The only way to see if someone is trustworthy is to look at their overall rating. Most of those websites offer low quality work with cheap not very reliable (and not tested) developers. It depends on your luck if you find a professional developer. Do you want to count on luck when your website, project or even company depends on it? Not really.

Websites which Certified Freelance Developers

Those are specialized sites which also offer assistance from developers from all over the world like the standard aggregators. The key difference is, the service provider verifies developer skills. There is a smaller chance (or none) you will be working with someone who doesn’t know what he is doing. That sounds great, but there are some downsides.

First, such services cost a lot because the service provider takes a cut from each developer’s hourly rate. The prices are most cases above $70 per hour (for most people that’s pretty steep).

Second, when you want to create a website or your online presence, you need much more than just a Web Developer. You need a designer, an SEO expert, someone who will look at your project from a marketing point of view, etc. That kind of services does not offer anything like it.

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WP Kraken – Your Go-To Web Experts

What if there was a service with all the pros of the above and without drawbacks (Yeah, I know it sounds impossible)? We have found one. It’s called WP Kraken.

The Story

MPC company is behind WP Kraken service. They are a known author from Envato Marketplaces. Massive Pixel Creation was behind many top sellers on those marketplaces, even before WordPress was popular. I had a chance to talk to the founder of the company, Kuba Gaj. He said:

We created WP Kraken because we wanted to provide our clients with complete solutions. Our team was small, so we couldn’t handle all the requests, we needed to expand. We regularly heard that there is no reliable customization/development service around the web for a reasonable price. So we thought, why not make one?

Services They Provide

WP Kraken already has more than 41,000 clients & jobs submitted. Their average rating is 4.96/5.00 – in my book that’s excellent. The best part of working with them is, they have an in-house team. They are not scattered all over the globe. It is much easier to solve a problem when you have other professional developers and creative minds around you. The team does not outsource their work. When the demand rises, WP Kraken just expands their team. As you can read on their blog (recently launched):

The service growth in the first months was insane. We had to triple our team to meet the demand. The service got a warm welcome from our clients and affiliates. (…) We also had to change offices (again) because of the expansion of our team. Our new office is awesome! To get a taste, please check our Instagram profile.

WP Kraken team focuses mostly on WordPress development, but they are also handling: design, other CMS, testing, audits, marketing tips, SEO, performance, the list goes on and on.

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The Website

The website build for the service looks clean and straightforward. It has many small “Kraken” related details (some of them are pretty funny). The design is beautiful and intuitive. As you can predict there are not many pages to see. I think they like to keep things simple.

The Pricing and Placing Orders

The pricing structure is painless to understand. Every project is evaluated separately, by a human being (not some bizarre multiple choice form). Each request is evaluated based on the number of hours it will take to complete. I even heard that (from our customers that were forwarded to their team), when someone has a small fix (that takes a couple of minutes to complete), they are doing this for free! Instead of charging some minimal fee. That’s awesome and something that clients will definitely appreciate!

The order form is also simple, and you just have to fill out the urgency status, your budget and describe your request – that’s it. You do not even have to register, the account is created for you automatically when the job is submitted. Within 24h you will receive a quote (most of the times much faster, depends on the time zone). They answer pretty quickly, as Project Manager handles each of the projects.

The client has to pay for each request up front, but the best part is they guarantee a 100% money back if you do not like the work they did. The money will be transferred back to your account if you do not approve the work. Once you do, you cannot ask for a refund anymore.

The Affiliate Program

There is one last part about the service I also really like, the affiliate program. They give you 25% income from each paid job a client has ordered and then approved. We are not talking about the first job a new client request but every job, for a lifetime! That’s uncanny, there are not many affiliate programs which can beat that. As Kuba mentioned to me, the statistics show that 40% of the clients have already ordered more than one job. They have already paid out over $25,000.00 to their affiliates. We also make some revenue by recommending our own clients from our WordPress Themes.


If you are looking for a professional team, or want to outsource your work WP Kraken is the way to go. They are very skilled and professional. After all, you have nothing to lose. You can always ask for a refund. Also if you have clients that you cannot handle, the affiliate program also sounds pretty sweet.

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