Best Plugins for WordPress You Won’t Deal Without

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WordPress has dozens of useful features and is really customizable in numerous spheres. Business owners often use it to manage their sites, and it’s probably the most common possibility to quickly create a great platform and attract users. However, companies often lack extensions to increase functionality.

Suppose a user would like to launch a gambling site but would like to make it quickly without investing additional funds and going into coding. Using WordPress for creating a casino online UK is a great solution to save time and costs. The program is also actively used by Internet shops since it’s easy and has numerous features. However, businesses often lack functionality, and here is where plugins really come in handy.

Free WooCommerce Plugin to Customize a Store

It’s first worth noting that WooCommerce is only free on the developer’s site, but users can get additional extensions if needed. This option is frequently used for online stores, and it can be characterized by a simple interface so that even inexperienced people will easily cope with it. So, what can users expect from WooCommerce?

  • Store design customization
  • Over 400 extensions for improving the appearance of the website
  • Additional features for sorting and filtering the available products
  • Excellent content management system

Overall, it’s the most popular plugin for online trading, allowing you to customize everything in a few clicks.

All-in-One Marketing by HubSpot

This free plugin has numerous excellent features that help users to manage their sites efficiently and quickly. It’s possible to connect the WordPress site to the free CRM, allowing you to follow the sales tunnel conveniently. Moreover, the plugin offers a form and pop-up builder with an elementary interface that will be understandable even for newcomers. HubSpot helps collect any data from any form on the site.

It’s also possible to create chats and bot builders, allowing the webmaster quickly interact with the site visitors, involving new users and connecting with them even if you are offline. The plugin also helps to set automatic email letters, make popups, and share content in a few seconds.

Analyze Clients’ Needs in Beehive Plugin

It’s the best plugin to immediately access data from Google Analytics in the Word Press. With the help of Beehive, site owners can track visits, page views, average visits duration, and other statistics in a few clicks. And enabling advanced settings allows for collecting even more information and analyzing customers’ demands and behaviors.

Akismet to Avoid Spam and Attacks

Protecting a website from any kind of spam is essential nowadays, and Akismet is the best tool to clean up the comments if there are any. The service automatically checks all texts, and then the owner can check the history to see which ones have been deleted.

Increase the Safety with iThemes Security

Data protection and privacy are a must on the web, and not many users know that WordPress can also face problematic issues. iThemes Security is a great plugin, allowing to increase safety and prevent any possible hacker attacks.

Yoast SEO for Full Optimization

It’s not only a simple plugin but a set of tools that help to proceed with the SEO of the site. Add titles and descriptions to articles, make a page analysis, and use many other functions. Overall, the program is really simple to install and configure, so it’s a really indispensable plugin for those who would like their site to work efficiently.

Increase the Speed with W3 Total Cache

Those who would like to provide a smooth and stable operation of the site simply cannot deal without W3 Total Cache. Many business owners consider the website speed critical only for its visitors, but this is far from the case. It’s also essential for search engines since if it takes too much time for a platform to be loaded, webmasters usually lose traffic. W3 makes magic: there’s no need to be afraid of sudden traffic increases since the program will help to cope with this issue.

Create Unique Elements in Logaster Logo Generator

We all know that attractive titles and logos are one of the keys to a website’s success. They are definitely the first thing users notice when entering the page, so it’s critical to create an unusual interface. Logaster Logo Generator is a convenient service, allowing to make corporate identity elements. Fully integrated into WordPress, the plugin allows adding logos to the website in a few clicks. And if a user needs physical images, they can download them and print them on business cards and envelopes.

OptiPic: Change the Images in a Few Clicks

Webmasters often face the problem that photos or images are too large. However, this issue is easily resolved with the OptiPic service, allowing optimizing them in a few clicks. It will make the site work faster and still leave high-quality images. The smaller the picture, the faster it loads in a browser, so all customers will definitely be pleased with such innovations.

Quick and Easy Feedback with WPForums

This service is probably the easiest and the most understandable contact form that can be added to WordPress. Even newcomers and those far from coding can use this plugin and use the constructor to create feedback forms, payments, orders, and many other options. WPForms Lite is a simplified alternative, which is definitely not less effective, so choose the most suitable option and start using it.

FONDY: Managing Finances Effectively

FONDY is a plugin for payments, allowing users worldwide to proceed with transactions using any preferred currencies. This option also works for mobile banking, which greatly distinguishes this service from its competitors.

Change Inactive Things with Broken Link Checker

The service scans the whole site directly in WordPress and reports any invalid links or images. One more function of the plugin is the possibility to change and transform the broken elements into the working ones in several clicks, which is a really fast and convenient solution for most users.

AdSanity: The Best Advertisement Tool

Marketing drives the world, and it’s essential to choose the most convenient tools. This service will help to efficiently and quickly manage promotions so that adding new advertisements is a matter of minutes. Create temporary or permanent ads using the AdSanity plugin and check the most relevant statistics right in the service.

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