Best Tips To Gain More Subscribers For Your Website

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We all well know that one of the essential questions of all web page owners is how to acquire true subscribers for their sites and there are various answers to this question as well. We can confidently say that all business owners, bloggers and for those who starts a business alone, more subscribers play a substantial role in their life.

As your blog keeps growing and extending, you need to know the answers of several important questions, such as: how to attain faithful visitors for discovering your blog, how to find a way to invert the same visitors into promising subscribers, and the most important, how to share your blogs through your visitors and thus blow the attention of new audiences. So as we see, subscribers play the main role in whole this process.

You should take into account that there can be guests who although visit your page repeatedly, but they do not subscribe. In my opinion, in order to invite real subscribers for your site, one of the important ways is to have friendly relationships with your page guests and earn their trust. In this way it is more likely that they will become your page subscribers.


Essential tools for inviting more subscribers

Today I would like to share with you some important tools which I use in order to acquire more subscribers for my webpage. This tools help me to make my blog page more inviting, more reasonable and more social. Now let’s see what tools they are.

1. One productive key for me is the clarity of subscription mode. I do not ask many questions when subscribing, there are not many boxes to fill for my page visitors. I ask only their emails and no other boring questions, which make the process of subscribtion more difficult and is time consuming as well. Being forced to fill much information when subscribing, the page guests get anxious and leave your page. So the simple way of subscribing mode is quite important, do not forget it.

2. The next effective tool for inviting subscribers is the content. First of all it is the main key of any site. When making your site more eye catching and inviting, do not forget to fill it with the informational and descriptive content, because only in case of being interested in your blogs, the readers will desire to subscribe on your page and being informed about the novelties of your site. So the readers of your page are keys of making your site more successful.

3. Another important role for gaining promising subscribers is Social Networking. For me social accounts are efficient tools to promote my site through various socials. As you’re being promoted in social media, your visitors are becoming more and more interested in your site, and so they will not hesitate to subscribe on your page.

4. The next key of my success in having more subscribers which I would like to share with you are the pop ups. In my opinion various popups are effective tools to gain subscribers. In this case your subscription request will appear with catching popup, minimizing clicks for subscription. Have you noticed that there page guests who although visit your page repeatedly, but they do not fill the list of subscription. Here popups comes to help you. As for me, sometimes I use for my page subscribe popups when my visitors are going to leave the site. I am sure that there are various plugins on WordPress that offers various types of subscription popups. And what if you are not tech giant. Giving myself this question I have installed the Popup Builder plugin in order to create popups, as it is pretty simple to use.

For creating subscription popup you just need to fill the box of the text, and change General options, if you want.

As it is seen in my screenshot, this plugin gives a freedom to make a choice among various themes and effect, with which the popup will appear in more attractive way. You can also select any size and any color as you want for your pop-up.

My visitors only need to write their Email in order to subscribe. It is worth to mention, that the text with which you invite your readers to subscribe is quite important. As you see I have not only informed that my page has 500 subscribers, but also I have mentioned that they are smart for me. So do not forget think about the text for invitation. Let me also mention that instead of “Subscribe” you have a freedom to fill that box with another text as according to your need.

5. No less important the right place of popup’s appearing. As for me the most appropriate place is the middle of the page. It is worth to note that Popup Builder plugin gives us this function.

Let me say that this place is considered to be one of the most advantageous place for pop-up appearing. Surely you would like to know that you have freedom to give any color to the overlay and background as well.

And in addition to all this we should not forget another important thing which surely promotes the increasing the number of real subscribers: the high quality of your blogs. Nothing can replace the high quality of your content, nothing. Even in the case when you have all the tools for gaining subscribers, but the quality is lacking, there is little probability that your readers will have a desire to subscribe on your site. So be particular and fresh in what you do and achieve your goal.

I am glad that I’ve shared with you my experience and opinion. I hope that it will help you to make your aims real. Good luck.


Author Bio

My name is Sona. I like to create unique decorations and design evening dresses as well. For creating my own eCommerce site and displaying my designed models, I use WordPress with its wonderful plugins. Though I am not an expert in creating websites or a computer geek, I always use the plugins of WordPress without any difficulties, as they are pretty simple to use. So, if you have any suggestion or advice feel free to contact me on LinkedIn.

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