How to Build a Website Suited for Being Printed

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As the internet expands, web pages are becoming increasingly complex. These complex pages contain an array of elements including flash, sponsored ads, and shopping carts. However, an unfortunate side effect of the addition technology is the high cost or sheer impossibility of printing these complex pages. Crowded web pages can cost your website visitors a small fortune.

So, if a web site designer has a page that they would like to encourage people to print, it’s a good idea to make a printer friendly version of your page. Recycled toner cartridges are the best way to take advantage of the cost savings. While there is some differences of opinion on how to design a page that will print properly every time, there are a few best practice ideas for designing a print friendly webpage.

Is Content King?

Some designers feel as though the web page content is the most important thing about your web page. Of course, the actual words written on your page is absolutely important. However, those words need to fit within the confines of your page’s table. If not, visitors to your page might end up printing an extra page with very little writing. It’s recommended that you use a white background with black text for the best printing results. Arrange your text so that it is able to fit inside the borders properly. You should print samples tests of different combinations. Printing sample pages does come with a cost so, recycle toner cartridges could save you from paying high prices during the development of your page.

If your site has a flash element embedded on it, remove it for better printing results. It often will not be in the place you put it when it translates to the printed version.

Get Rid of the Ads

Advertisements can be unpredictable. They can also ruin the layout of your print design. It’s a good idea to remove as a much of the advertisements as possible to save money on ink when printing the page. In some instances, removing ads can improve the speed of your printer. Advertisements only serve to increase the amount of ink used for printing. Recycle toner cartridges are the best choice for these tests as well.

Along with removing the ads, you should remove any pictures that you have on print friendly page. Printing extra pictures drives up costs. Unless the picture is absolutely necessary, there is no need to use up your ink printing them.

Choose Your Font Size Carefully

The font size is a very important part of making your page printer friendly. Your statements must fit within the confines of your page. The printer friendly versions of your webpage need to be easy to read without allowing your words to distort your design.

Remove the navigation bar from the side or from the top of your page. Taking the bar away allows more room for text on your print page. The navigation bars end up wasting ink because the print friendly version of your web page is not usually clickable.

If You Don’t Need it, Leave It

In fact, most of the non-essential elements on your web page should be removed. It’s also a good idea to save ink by using recycle toner cartridges. Elements such as banners and logos don’t necessarily add value a page that attempts to conserve resources. Recycle toner cartridges are your best option for saving on toner reloads.

Do Your Homework

Keeping in mind that cost saving is at the heart of printer friendly web page development, it’s a good idea to search for the highest quality recycled toner cartridge before printing any samples. As mentioned above print friendly pages can be developed using a number strategies. More information on the topic can be found in small business blogs all over the web.

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