Casino Software Explained: Guide to Understanding Online Gambling Software

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Gambling is one of the sectors that have undergone a massive transformation since it was created centuries ago. There has been a transition from land-based to online casinos, with the latter providing players with unmatched convenience. A simple search on the internet for online casinos in Sweden will bring forth hundreds of them. 

How do you ensure that you are using a reputable platform? Casino software is one of the considerations that experts use to rate gambling platforms. Other considerations include reputation, licenses, game availability, customer support, security, and payment processors. 

Must you be a techie to understand how the casino software works? Our session with our gambling sector Carlos Norberg (find out more about him here), sought to understand the ins and outs of online casino software. The following are some of the lessons:

Types of casino software 

Mobile software 

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become life companions to modern Swedes. The gambling platforms understand that the mobile market has loads of potential, thus providing downloadable apps that can be accessed through mobile devices. Such apps can be downloaded through the official website or hosting platforms such as Apple Play and Google Play. 

Download software 

This refers to the games you must download on your PC, hard drive, or mobile devices before you play. Such applications will have the minimum requirements such as RAM, space, graphics, and screen resolution to ensure that the games play smoothly on the target devices. Most online gaming software developers will ensure that such applications are available for Microsoft Windows and macOS users. 

No download 

It is the most common type of software for typical online casino games in Sweden. This means that you can access Swedish casino games through multiple platforms at and start playing at the click of a button. Such games are hosted on the cloud and you do not have to worry much about your hardware as long as you have a strong internet connection. 

What is the role of gaming software providers?

Creation of games 

Game software providers are an integral part of the casino industry as they are responsible for creating various games. A typical casino will only have the mandate to host a game that independent developers create. Different developers have different approaches to the creation of games. Some focus on the creation of multiple games, while others focus on a single line.                                   

Provision of RNG technology 

How sure are you that the gaming platform you are using does not have compromised software to ensure that you always lose? This is a very common question and a serious concern. Game software uses RNG technology (random number generator) to determine the outcome of various games, such as slots. Thus, you are assured that there was no messing up with the software the moment you hit play on the slots. 

Creation of rules 

A typical casino wants to make money as it is in business. Thus, it may come up with some crazy rules to determine your chances of going home with some good money. Game providers create a fair playing ground and ensure that both the casino and the player have equal chances of winning. Such game developers will create ratios such as return to player rates to ensure that online gamers understand their chances of winning on various games. 

Creation of trust 

It can be risky when everything is under the same roof. Gaming software providers are there to eliminate mistrust between casino owners and the players. Thus, such players will be assured no dodgy business is happening in the background the moment they start playing various games in the casino. 

Features of a good casino gaming software 


You want assurance that you are dealing with a real company with real people behind it. Such a company should be licensed by the relevant authorities to serve clients. Some of the most famous licensing bodies for gaming providers are MGA, GRA, and UKGC. The company should also send its software to independent testing companies to ascertain that the results are random. 

Wide choice of games 

Even though there are companies that concentrate on one game, the ideal company should serve a wide client base. Thus, a casino company can get a variety of games from the same company and reduce management issues. Compatibility issues will also become lower when such games are from the same provider.  

Unique themes 

The creation of the games is just the icing on the cake. Such providers must also ensure that those games are presentable and have an awesome player interface. The modern game developers have thus invested in graphics to ensure that online gamers have amazing moments. The ideal themes are those that are attractive and easy to navigate. 

Bonus features 

We cannot ignore that the Swedish online gambling sector is very competitive. One of the best approaches to attracting new customers and ensuring that they stick is through bonuses. Free spins work magic when online slots applications are in an online casino. The availability of symbols such as scatters and wilds also comes in handy when rewarding gamers. 

Some of the biggest gaming providers are Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech. Understanding how casino software works will make it easy for you to tackle different games confidently. Always ensure that you select a Swedish casino that highlights its partners, licensing bodies, and its terms and conditions if you want to have fair chances at the gambling table. 

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