Baking cupcakes as an artistic adventure

Many of you, who like art and design, like it everywhere, even when it comes to cooking and baking. So why not mix cooking and art? Here are some suggestions how to decorate your cupcakes.


You can decorate your cupcakes according to the season.


In the winter season you can decorate them with miniature presents and coconut or snowflakes. Use pastel pink, blue or red colors and of course a lot of white.


For the spring season you can use lollypops and colored green coconut or fresh flowers from your garden. Use strong and bright colors to emphasize the playful spring feeeling.

For the summer season we recommend you to use the blue and white color and add motives from the seaside.

For the fall season use colors brown and green with motifs of leaves so it feels like you are in the middle of the forest in the most romantic time of the year.


Why not make some special holiday cupcakes to show your creativity?

The first holiday to come in mind is Valentine’s day. So why not suprise your special someone with a special gift just for him/her? Use dark chocholate and heart shaped accessories and they will surelly be impressed!

April’s fools day is a perfect excuse to make cute, goofy cupcakes, just buy some smarties and sprinkle them everywhere. Why not on top of a mountain of chocholate cream if you have a sweethtooth.

To make an even scarier Hallloween, bake some cupcakes and decorate them with orange pumpkins.


So if you like both, art and cooking, we suggest you to bring them together and show your creativity with some delicious cupcakes.

Photographys were taken by Simona Borštnar and Ana Medja.


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