Design inspiration: Lost in Wonderland

Lost in Wonderland is a personal digital art project from Natalie Shau. She is a mixed media artist and photographer based in Lithuania (Vilnius). She found interest in fashion and portrait photography as well as digital illustration and photo art. 

Despite her personal work, Natalie also creates artwork and photography for musicians, theater, fashion magazines, writers and advertisement. She also worked as an art director for a short 3d movie of Kamel Ouali musical “Dracula”. 

We think her work is amazing original, beautiful in an grotesque way, which makes it even more appealing.

lost-in-wonderland1 lost-in-wonderland2 lost-in-wonderland3 lost-in-wonderland4 lost-in-wonderland5 lost-in-wonderland6 lost-in-wonderland7 lost-in-wonderland8 lost-in-wonderland9 lost-in-wonderland10


We hope you enjoyed this amazing project Lost in Wonderland like we did. Please feel free to share our own opinion in comments below.

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