edX Offers Free Programming Courses From Top Institutions

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If you are looking for a fantastic resource to learn from the best, you better not miss edX. It is a superb online platform that offers you to learn, for instance, programming, from such institutions like Harvard, Microsoft and MIT.

In brief, it is a trusted online platform behemoth which contributes to education and learning of users from all around the world.

Needless to say, edX was founded by none other than Harvard and MIT. For your information, the platform already helped over twenty million students gain new knowledge from the comfort of their homes.

Indeed, it is somewhat hard to comprehend, but you know it is as real as you and me once you sign up.

And, what is even more impressive, you can try all these courses free of charge.

Yes, you read that correct; without the need to spend anything, you can give the course that sparks your interest a shot. Only later, you then decide to dive in fully if it suits your demands. As simple as that.

What is edX?

edX is a non-profit website that delivers a whopping collection of two thousand online courses from an incredible selection of 140 institutions across the globe.

In that huge bundle of educational programs, edX also has very many related to programming and web development. Just from Microsoft alone, you can choose from over two hundred different courses that will surely benefit you.

If you lack the skill or you would like to boost your talent, now you know where to find the necessary material.

Instead of figuring it out yourself from the ground up, save yourself a ton of time and energy by choosing an appropriate online course. Once you have access to the program, it is almost like you would have a virtual mentor. It guides you from the very first step to becoming one with so much knowledge, you can comfortably do it solo.

All this new knowledge that edX will bring to the table, you can take to your full advantage as a freelancer or even job seeker. The work you will be able to do once done learning, you can easily use in your portfolio which will help you persuade more clients and win over an employer.

As someone who is building WordPress themes and creating websites, I need to mention the striking eleven programs edX has on front-end web development alone.

The most popular programming courses on edX

From now on, you will definitely not need to scout the web to find all the information you need to enhance your expertise anymore. Thanks to edX, you have it all gathered in one location for your convenience.

With the amount of content available, you might not really know where to start. Well, to save you time and energy, let’s take a peek at some of their top courses available.

First and foremost, it’s the Microsoft courses that are some of the most popular ones on the edX learning platform. However, we will take an extra step and investigate a few others which might be a little less known to the community, yet still super educational.

No need to waste any more time on postponing education, take action today and make a difference once and for all. The content that you need is at the tip of your fingers.

CS50 from Harvard

It is CS50 from Harvard course that is one of the most well-liked on edX. You will get an introduction to computer science and programming, immersing yourself in thinking about solving problems. If that is something that intrigues you, you better head over to edX ASAP and see all the hot content that they have about coding, languages, web development and other whatnots.

Front End Web Developer from W3C

Next in line is the rewarding course by W3C that teaches you how to become a front-end web developer. In the simple to understand five-step program, you will learn about dealing with the modern HTML5. Also, how to create enticing animations and other web graphics. It will also teach you the CSS and JavaScript practices that will help you with your future projects. Even when it comes to web applications and other simple software, this is the course that will teach you basics and then some.

Computing in Python from Georgia Tech

If you plan to get yourself involved in the Python 3, a four-course program from Georgia Tech is all you need. From the first steps of learning the programming language to putting it into action, you will discover all about it and a whole bunch more. With a strong fundamental in Python 3, you can approach any programming challenge comfortably and confidently. You are closer than ever to kick off your career like a champ with a ton of knowledge and skills thanks to edX.

C Programming with Linux from Dartmouth

Dartmouth brings you a sophisticated, yet beginner-friendly, course on C programming with Linux. In short, the combination is widespread and in use in all sorts of smartphone, car, drone and other electronic device software. The program consists of seven courses which will give you a better understanding of C programming language, as well as Linux. From the more basic problems to advanced tasks, you will be able to accomplish them all successfully. And when you implement your creative problem thinking, limits and boundaries all of a sudden disappear. The process of managing and maintaining operations and debugging code becomes exciting.

Blockchain for Business from the Linux Foundation

Moreover, the Linux Foundation brings a fantastic Blockchain for Business program that shares the ins and outs of blockchain. Very likely, you already heard of blockchain, however, chances are, you know very little about it. After you complete the program, you will have a better understanding of blockchain and how it can impact your business. Whether you plan to launch your own project or you work in a team, contribute with your fresh knowledge and take the project to a whole new degree.

There is a ton more

Of course, the courses mentioned above are just a fraction of all the available programs edX has in store for you. Just in computer science, software development and other programming languages alone, there is something for everyone. In addition to that, you can also score yourself a Master’s Degree in computer science with a full online program. Pretty neat indeed.

Since I was focused more on the content part of edX, let’s speak more about the platform itself. Needless to say, it is stuffed with tons of teaching material that you can take to your advantage and make a name for yourself. In other words, you can (and you will) gain so much knowledge, skill and even experience, that you can become the true expert of your field.

Take action today, tomorrow might already be too late. With your email or a social account, you can create an instant account on edX and go from there. You can then enroll in the programs of your choice and take things to an entirely new degree. Little do you know, you will become a pro at the craft you decide to specialize in sooner rather than later.

And, as I mentioned earlier, there are loads of courses and programs available completely free of charge. How cool is that? Learning new skills from one of the best in the industry and it does not cost a dime – sign me in!

You only need to skim through a few in-depth course presentations and you will be hooked immediately. Moreover, you can also check out edX’s YouTube channel where they regularly publish short clips about different programs that they have available for all their users. Teasers, if you will.

Another fantastic source of additional information that edX provides is via their compelling blog. There are articles on just about any subject you can possibly think of. From tips and tricks, how to start your careers and even a behind the scenes look at the platform itself. You can also easily search for the content you are interested in by hitting your search query in the search bar and hit enter.

Last but definitely not least, if you have any questions, edX’s friendly and professional team of experts is always at your service, ready to help you out.

Now you know where millions of students from all around the globe gain new knowledge that skyrockets their careers. Join the massive community and do not miss the big opportunity that lies in front of you. Your success is just a decision away.

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