How to Enliven a Site with an HTML5 Video Background

Videos belong to the most powerful marketing tools that allow companies to communicate their messages to the audience visually. Stimulating people to concentrate attention on a certain aspect, videos can keep them on a site longer and turn them into its regular visitors eventually. This tendency has led to the emergence of a web design trend to create an HTML5 video background on online platforms.

Some companies use large videos of a browser size to introduce more dynamics into the atmosphere of their sites while others resort to this strategy in order to tell a special story to clients and show their offerings in action. Although many people believe it’s important to keep designs simple and static, in fact, no static web page can bring the visual experience to such an advanced level.

However, a full-screen video background isn’t intended for all the web platforms. It is indeed a great option for companies involved in fashion, technology, and entertainment, as their customers have an opportunity to see visual evidence of their much-praised work. Everyone desiring to benefit from their online portfolios should also make use of this technique to engage their followers, but it is totally meaningless for magazines and blogs.

If you need some website layout ideas to enliven your platform with video backgrounds, this post will help you dramatically. Below, you’ll find the most spectacular platforms that can give you inspiration for experimenting with the mentioned trend and help to find a perfect solution to your new project.


HTML5 Video Background Examples


I Surf Because


A striking example of using a video background on sports websites is This technique is meant to emphasize a breathtaking nature of surfing and attract more people to the equipment for this activity. Trying to enthrall the audience to a greater extent, designers of the site added an interesting touch to it. At a certain moment, videos freeze to let individuals read inspirational phrases explaining why surfers like gliding on the crest of waves. If you want to arouse someone’s interest in a certain sport, implement this idea in your undertaking.




The next example of an awesome full-screen video background can be observed on a website of Y.CO, one of the leading yacht manufacturers. Instead of bombarding customers with numerous offerings, it used this tactic to conduct a smarter advertizing campaign. The company’s promotional shot shows one day of a family spending a weekend on a luxurious yacht. Watching their enjoyment from water adventures, no one will resist temptation to obtain a vessel from Y.CO and have fun in the same way. This idea will come in handy for everyone who wants to promote products for leisure.




Sometimes, it’s reasonable to add humorous elements to web page designs in order to cheer up their boring appearance. And videos will be useful in this case as no other tools. Eagleclean, a company providing cleaning services, was guided by this principle designing its website. At the right corner of its homepage, a gloved hand suddenly shows up to clean a small smear. The process looks funny and can catch many people’s fancy. Try to introduce some comical details into your website’s layout, and your audience will definitely get a positive impression about you and your online resource.




Festival organizers and bands can also benefit from using a video background on their sites, which is strikingly demonstrated in the design of Its developers uploaded thrilling videos from Soulwax concerts to entice everyone fond of hanging out with noisy companies. Once people appear on this platform, they’ll become immersed into the energetic atmosphere that serves as a powerful stimulator to leave their comfort zones and make for places where they can pull out all the stops. Do you want to set your audience in the right mood for crazy fun? Then, follow the example of!


The Wood


In an attempt to create a pleasant online experience for its clients, a top restaurant in Brussels enriched its platform with video backgrounds reflecting its name and decor, The Wood. When people enter it to look through a menu, they’ll get a feeling that they’ve transported to a forest. Such a clever move will intrigue its visitors and, therefore, intensify their desire to drop in there some time. If you’re eager to highlight a cozy air of your establishment on the web, don’t pass this idea by.


Dromoland Castle


Exterior is the first thing hosts present to their guests before the latter cross a threshold of their buildings. Taking this tendency into account, designers of the Dromoland Castle Hotel website decided to create a video background displaying its surroundings. There’s no traveler who wouldn’t appreciate an opportunity to contemplate sceneries around the place they’re going to stay at before arriving there. So, you shouldn’t ignore this tactic if you’d like to set an inviting tone on your platform and fascinate clients with a beautiful landscape of your location.


Neave Television


TV channels can also allure their audience with extraordinary videos to create a positive impression about their programs. For example, Neave Television has embedded a series of entertaining clips into the background of its platform, which boosted its viewership rates eventually. Thus, to reap the fruits of their work, it makes sense for providers of video content to take advantage of this web design trend. Watching the latest trailers or the most memorable moments of movies, website visitors will believe that they can find something interesting for themselves there.


Drexel University


How can educational institutions attract youngsters and motive them to send applications there? Of course, one of the most effective ways to do it is to enrich their platforms with some inspirational details. Pursuing this goal, Drexel University filled its website background with various short videos that encourage undergraduates in their initiatives. If you strive for increasing a student base of your institution, this web design maneuver is what you need.


Implemented properly, a video background can be an eye candy of your website design, but it’s still important to take several nuances into account before using this technique. First of all, you should abstain from overloading your platform with many clips, as they will distract people’s attention from your main purpose. Furthermore, everyone who has a slow Internet connection is guaranteed to leave your site in no time because of its slow loading. Users of devices with a small screen won’t appreciate the zest of your web design either, that’s why you should consider all the pros and cons before creating a video background website.

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