Essential Tips for Branding a Cu-rated News Website

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When developing an engaging, curated news outlet that appeals to a wide variety of readers, adopting a personalized branding strategy is vital. Because curated news websites essentially act as gateways to other news websites, it’s crucial to lean into the specific aspects that distinguish your site from competitors. To this end, branding is one of the best tools to tell your website’s story and establish your own unique audience.

For example, both the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed — two sites that feature curated news content — utilize targeted branding strategies to create an atmosphere that resonates with their readers. Take a look at these 7 tried-and-true strategies to effectively build a brand for your curated news website in no time.

Visualize the Look You Want to Achieve

The first step to successfully branding a curated news website is establishing your goals and vision for the site. After all, if you don’t know what you want your curated news platform to look like or which demographics you want to attract, you’re less likely to create an appealing, hard-hitting site. However, at this stage of the game, it’s okay not to have all the answers. You’re still determining which strategies will work best for your particular objectives and audience.

Start by taking a look at your competitors’ websites. Take a note of what seems to be working for them, and even more importantly, what could be improved. This strategy will help you gain insight into what readers enjoy, as well as ideas for design inspiration — a major component of branding.

On your journey to establishing your one-of-a-kind brand, ask yourself what you can offer your audience that no other platform can. Which areas of expertise or interest would you like to showcase in order to keep readers interested and eager for more content? Finally, what would you like the tone of your website to be? Considering these questions — and the subsequent questions that follow — will put you on the right track to brand a show-stopping curated news website.

Choose an Appropriate Theme

The next step to branding your curated website is choosing a suitable theme. While your own preferences will inevitably influence this decision, it should primarily revolve around your future readers. Think about what your audience will need to effectively consume your curated content.

When picking a theme, some of your main concerns may be optimizing readability, creating a stylish atmosphere, and ensuring that your theme is responsive to your website’s needs. For example, website themes that are responsive will adjust to fit the different pages of your website, regardless of varying layouts.

If you’re not sure where to start with your website’s theme, get inspired by scrolling through PremiumCoding, Wix, or ThemeForest’s selection of website theme templates. No matter what kind of vision you have for your new site, these three companies offer numerous theme options that are sure to fulfill your needs.

Logo Design Is Key

Once you’ve established the type of theme that best suits your curated news website’s needs, it’s time to start thinking about your logo. Your logo is where you can let your brand’s personality and creativity shine through — don’t be afraid to be different! In fact, finding ways to be different is crucial to your website’s success.

Remember, your logo is typically the first thing people see when they come into contact with your brand. It should simultaneously give your audience a taste of what you do and encourage readers to learn more and check out your site. It can be particularly helpful to pair a logo with a tagline so that readers quickly understand what to expect from your brand.

Several sites offer ready-made logo templates for your website, but if you want to stand out amongst competitors, a personalized logo is a way to go. An easy-to-use logo maker will definitely help you to make a lasting impression with your logo.

Lead With a Strong Tagline

Beyond the visual aspects of your website, it’s important to produce high-quality written content that will entice your readers to learn more. As mentioned in the previous section, taglines are valuable tools to give your audience a glimpse of what you have to offer.

Taglines can be used in conjunction with your logo, on the homepage of your website, or on business cards. A strong tagline conveys key brand characteristics that you’re trying to emphasize, whether it be your company values, mission, products, or services.

When developing your curated news website’s tagline, think of existing taglines that you consider catchy and compelling. Whether you’re inspired by Subway, Nike, KFC, or another brand, you’ll notice that taglines are most memorable when they are short and sweet. Don’t overload your readers with a cumbersome tagline — getting to the point is more beneficial for both your website and your readers.

Consider Your Color Scheme

Although it may seem like a minor detail, the perfect color scheme can immediately take your curated news website to the next level. To create a cohesive, appealing visual experience for your readers, align your website’s color scheme with your chosen brand colors.

While it might be tempting to douse your entire website in vibrant color, it’s generally best to stick with neutrals that won’t overwhelm your audience. Particularly with a curated news website, your color scheme shouldn’t distract from your featured content.

When in doubt, opt for a black and white template with little splashes of color throughout your website to match your brand colors. Consider using color on your most prominent sections and headings that you’d like to draw attention to. For example, the call-to-action button (typically located in the top right corner) should be in color to increase its visibility and overall appeal.

Don’t Forget about Typography

Yet another critical aspect of developing your website’s brand is choosing appealing, palatable typography. Some may say that the quality of a website’s content is more important than typography, but this logic has a crucial flaw.

Particularly in a fast-paced online environment, users are highly visual creatures. If your website’s content is poorly organized, illegible and in a lackluster font, it doesn’t matter if your content is incredible — it won’t be read.

Appeal to your audience from the first second they visit your website by making excellent typography a priority. From content layout to font, point size, line spacing, and more, each aspect works together to create an enjoyable, pleasant experience for your readers.

Curating a pleasant visual experience encourages readers to continue consuming your content and perusing your website as you grow and evolve.

Wrap-up With a Style Guide

Now that you’ve done all the heavy lifting to create a stunning brand for your curated news website, preserve your work with a style guide. A style guide covers all of the various formatting, stylistic and messaging standards you want to maintain as you continue producing content. It ensures that your website remains on-brand and consistent, even if your team or industry trends change.

When writing your style guide, use your initial branding ideas as a baseline. Don’t be afraid to go into detail. Everything from content formatting to typeface, web design, and examples of common vocabulary used on your website should be included in the style guide.

Using a style guide helps everyone on your team stay on the same page across a variety of projects. Moreover, it allows you to develop a unique voice that your audience will come to recognize within a crowd of competitors.

When Growing a Brand, Consistency Is Key

Each of these seven tips is fundamental to building a successful brand for your curated news site. Each guideline will help you carve out your niche in the curated news world while providing readers with an appealing, stylish website to enjoy.

However, in following each of these steps, it’s essential to remember that consistency is key to developing a robust brand. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your website won’t be, either. Give your website time to make its mark as a reputable curated news outlet in today’s dynamic digital world.

By taking the time to implement thoughtful designs, content, and guidelines that best serve your audience, your curated news website is sure to see positive growth over time.

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