Exciting WordPress Features to watch out in 2016

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When Matt and Michael introduced the first version of WordPress in 2003, they didn’t have the idea that the Content Management System would grow to become the best open-source software of all time. From the time the team setup WordPress Foundation, until today, web developers from different backgrounds have embraced the CMS as the best website development solution of all time. In fact, WordPress introduced, spread and solidify the culture of do-more-code-less, something that many developers have always wanted since the invention of the internet. Well, it’s been thirteen years since inception, and, still, WordPress rocks, much more there are new trends you must learn in 2016 to become a good developer.

The one-page website feature won’t go away just yet

WordPress Foundation released the first one-page website theme in 2014, and just a few months after introduction, many developers realized that a one-page site structure is not only friendly but also suitable for business as well as personal websites. According to a larger array of developers and business owners, the model would be appropriate for small businesses, agencies, and product sites. Moreover, they figured out that the unique model would be the best for website owners who didn’t expect to publish a lot of content.

We are now in 2016, and one-page website design doesn’t seem to go out of trend. In fact, the trend will continue in 2016, which makes this an unusual feature and development technique to learn if you have not done this before.

Do you remember the hamburger menu?  Today, it’s the latest trend

Some developers have criticized the hamburger button, but the widespread use of this technique leaves every developer with one answer: it’s unavoidable. Hamburger menus have evolved from a simple feature that did not make much sense to many users to one of the most useful development approaches. Because hundreds of thousands of developers are embracing the new (hamburger menu), this new way of navigation layout will continue to be the staple of Graphic User Interfaces for the website and mobile applications.

Hamburger Menu will still linger for some more time, but it is important that you implement it correctly to avoid confusing your audiences. The primary benefit of the menu is that it is a minimalist solution; this design approach is one of the best solutions that you can use to make your WordPress theme look neat and uncluttered.

The Drag-and-drop feature does make life easy. Why would it stop shining?

Do you remember the very first time you started coding? Honestly, you couldn’t create a drag and drop solution for your website, and you still won’t – you can’t. Even if you have the skills and necessary tools to set up your own CMS from the ground up, it could take you months or even years to complete the project. Although developers know that they can create custom CMS from scratch, it does take a lot of faith to ignore the power of WordPress CMS to setup something on your own from scratch. WordPress Foundation already made life easier by setting it all up for you. In fact, you can now use the drag-and-drop feature, WordPress Templates, and WordPress Themes to creating an attractive business website or blog. The drag-and-drop feature, still, is trendy in 2016.

Mobile Websites Come First

Many people own smartphones these days. Every smartphone has an app for browsing the web; this means that the number of people using mobile phones to do a search on Google and other search engines will continue to increase in 2016. In fact, research and statistics already reveal that close to 80% of the internet users use smartphones to search content and browse web apps.

For website owners, this means two things: creating two separate websites, one for mobile and the other for desktop, or embracing responsive design. Again, WordPress has it all figured out for you. All you need to do is to customize your Website Template and make it look friendly on mobile. Mobile users come first; forget about desktop PCs and laptops for now. The responsive your site is, the more likely visitors are going to stick around. The last thing anyone wants is a 100% bounce rate. Remember, users are smart; they will close your website and look for another if the content does not fit on the screen of their devices.

Parallax Scrolling Effect

You have already observed parallax scrolling effect before, so it is nothing new at all. However, the effect is quite more widespread on the majority of premium WordPress themes, not free ones. The reason why this is a great feature to look at in 2016 is that it makes your website look more voluminous by creating a so-called three-dimensional illusion. To achieve the best parallax scrolling effect, WordPress Themes developers almost always combine foreground and background images, making the effect the trendiest design technique for 2016.

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