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On April 3, 2018, WordPress released its version 4.9.5 that fixes nearly 28 bugs according to the latest updates and news releases. There were mainly three major security issues in WordPress version 4.9.4. However, the latest version of WordPress has these three security changes:

  • In the WordPress 4.9.5 version, the Localhost will no longer be treated as a default host
  • If SSL is forced then the ‘safe redirects’ will be used to redirect towards the login page
  • The Version strings used in this version are correctly escaped for the generator tags

Along with this, 25 other bugs were fixed in the WordPress 4.9.5 that includes the following:

  • The support is provided on cropping on the touchscreen devices
  • Provides restoration of the caption shortcodes on many previous styles
  • For more clarity, varied strings as the error messages have also been updated in this WordPress version
  • There will be improved compatibility provided with the latest version of PHP that is 7.2
  • While initiating the upload process, the spot of an attachment placeholder is being fixed
  • The latest version of WordPress has made the code base consistent with the ‘REST API JavaScript’ keeping in mind the ‘Custom nonce’ functionalities.

Steps for Upgrading to WP 4.9.5

Most of the companies and developers are facing issues while updating their WordPress 4.9.5 to the latest version. For this, they can take the best WordPress development services if they can hire WordPress developer Melbourne for updating it systematically. Here are some secured steps that one can use or Hire WordPress programmer for solving any issues:

  • Firstly, save the XML File of WordPress to the hard drive by clicking on the option on the left sidebar and then exporting it. Now, on the next screen, the user can download the Exported file and create a new folder to keep the downloaded website files.
  • The user can name this file ‘WP Backup’ so that they are aware where they have saved all the backup files for the WordPress. It is important to take the backup of a file before making any kind of updates.
  • If the user is on Managed WordPress Hosting, then it is important to backup the WordPress Database. Here, one can go hosting dashboard and create a backup point there too. This ‘backup point’ helps the user to back up the website at that moment.
  • In case, the user is on the shared hosting, they can use Nifty plugin that makes this process a no-brain. It also helps in optimization and repairing of one’s database that can be done by taking the WordPress development services.
  • If the user has customized any file, it is a great practice to cover all the bases and download the theme, child theme or framework folders to their local hard drive.
  • It is important to maintain a copy of the server of the database by the user along with FTP in the ‘Web hosting server’ of the user. However, here one thing worth noting is that the backup will not do any good if the server has any issues or if it crashes. Therefore, the user can store a backup file on the cloud storage. In case, your PC faces any problem then one can save it to the external drive.
  • Before upgrading to the latest WordPress 4.9.5 version, deactivate all the plugins to be on the safer side.

Significant Features of the Newer WordPress Version 4.9.5

Before the launch of WordPress version 5, the latest 4.9.5 WordPress version is going to revamp the usage by the programmers and developers. Below are some of its significant features:

Use of latest Version of PHP 7.2

WordPress is mainly built with PHP so it is updated for improved functionalities and security. Its latest version 7.2.2 was released previous year in 2017 in the month of November. The updating of PHP version to the latest one will help the user to get improved security, speed and the performance of WordPress website. For this latest version of WordPress, it is recommended to use PHP 7 or PHP 7.2 version that can help in running the script effectively.

Steps to Upgrade to PHP version 7.2

It is advisable to take the backup of website content or other files to be on the safer side before updating the PHP version. One needs to check that their plugins and themes are compatible with the latest version of PHP. If the user is not aware of the process, they can hire WordPress developer Melbourne. Here are the important steps:

  • First, log into the cPanel
  • Click on ‘Software
  • Select PHP version (here the default version will appear as PHP version 5)
  • Now, check the drop-down list and click on version 7.2
  • Set this version as your latest PHP version

Replacement of the “Cheatin’ uh?” Error Message

The error message “Cheatin’ uh?” has existed in the WordPress for many years, and it can be quite embarrassing for the users while operating it. This message depicts that the user or developers who are using the system is trying to cheat the system. In the latest version, this error has been replaced and the developers or programmer will get some meaningful messages. The newer message is quite polite and even helps the user to know what exactly went wrong with the system.

Activating the ‘Project Gutenberg’ in just two clicks

The latest version of WordPress after the version 4.9.5 is ‘Gutenberg’, which is the WordPress version 5. The WordPress version 4.9.5 comes with a feature that helps in the installation of Gutenberg with just two clicks. It also provides access to the button to quickly install the plugins if user permission is provided. The Gutenberg is scheduled to be later in this year and the developers or users can easily install its Beta version to try out this new editor.

Improvements introduced in the Customizer Version and its Usability

Under this customizer version of WordPress 4.9.5, the developers can save the changes made in it by publishing it to the live versions of WordPress site. The developers can make the changes go live but if you are working on few tweaks then it may not sound user-friendly. This latest version has come up with some great functionality. Now, to save in the customizer option, one can choose from these three different options:

  • The developers can publish the changes right away on the current functions of the customizer
  • One can schedule the changes to go live at a specific date and time
  • The developers can save changes as a draft, and will remain in the Customizer until the next time the user operates it.

Even the new WordPress version generates a link that one can share with other developers so that they can preview in the Customizer. The best thing is that people you are sharing the link with do not need to have an account or be the Admins of your WordPress site. The preview can be shared with ease and safety with anyone for the review. These great improvements have made the WordPress customizer a great customization tool for the websites.

Installation of themes of directly from the Customizer Option

Now, the users with the help of a Customizer option can install WordPress themes directly. This can be done by clicking the ‘Change’ button next to the active theme that is present in the customizer. Here, the users can also choose a ‘radio select box’ where they can select WordPress themes and can install them from the customizer. However, this option is not adding any kind of latest functionality but it streamlines the process from activation to customization of the theme.

Creation of the Menus with User-Friendly Interface

WordPress 4.9.5 has reworked on the option of creating menus from the Customizer option. The developers or users may not be getting newer features but this process has made it more user-friendly. In this new process, the user can add a menu or choose from the available options of menus. This process has eliminated unnecessary clicks too.

Introduction of the Latest Gallery Widget

A brand new widget for the gallery is another attraction of WordPress 4.9.5. The last version of WordPress that was 4.8 introduced ‘image widget’ for the WordPress but the all-new ‘gallery widget’ in this latest version has introduced good functions.

In this latest version, the users now just have to drag over the images and make use of ‘Add images’ button to select the images from the WordPress library. Moreover, with this new functionality, one can choose the sizing, ordering or the columns. After this, the user will have dedicated WordPress gallery on the Frontend of their website.

Addition of Shortcodes and Media Button in the Text Widget

The ‘Add Media’ button is another best function introduced in the WordPress version 4.9.5 for the text widget. As in the WordPress version 4.8, the users saw the introduction of the visual editing function. Under WordPress 4.9.5 version, the developers can simply drag Media Button to the Blog Sidebar to appear in the text.

Here one great thing is that the users can use text widget to create a gallery with the support of ‘Add Media’ button. Therefore, the gallery widget is the best user-friendly version of this WP version 4.9.5. One more thing worth noticing here is that the Shortcodes will be applicable in the text widgets by default and there is no need to add any kind of filter.

The release of Security and Maintenance of WordPress Version 4.9.5

The WordPress version 4.9.5 comes with minor security updates as it fixes nearly 28 bugs. The release of this version is worth an impact. Moreover, this version has also released security patches for the older version. The companies or individuals using older version can hire WordPress developer Melbourne for the updated WordPress development services.

With this ‘Security and Maintenance’ release, it is strongly recommended to update the sites immediately to keep off any security vulnerabilities. The 3 security issues from an older version and 25 other bugs were also fixed with this latest 4.9.5 version.

The advantage of this security release also comes with an aggressive prompt to use a new plugin for the WordPress 5 or Gutenberg Editor on the new dashboard. Even the WordPress developers have to go through the review process if they want their themes to be registered. Few pointers to seek here are:

  • It is necessary to comply with the code standards and other provided rules
  • The review process proves beneficial for the clients since they will be getting quality themes for an updated version. However, there is a complaint from the developer’s side that they have to wait for long to get their themes reviewed and listed at
  • Here, the WordPress themes will be reviewed for the following things like Egregious or Malicious stuff, Security, the creation of the content and licensing policies.
  • The Moderators will also review the themes after they go live. In case, there are any issues found, the developers will be asked to fix them. However, if they do not respond to fix these issues then their theme can be suspended permanently or temporarily.

For other rules and compliances, the developers must go through to get a meaningful insight of the whole process.


The advanced version of WordPress 4.9.5 has come with many user-friendly additional functions that make it different from the other versions. The bug fixing is a great function that has sorted out some of the concerns of the developers. The companies for launching newer updates can hire WordPress programmer or hire WordPress developer Melbourne who can carry out the upgradation without any loss to the files or important data relative to the user’s WordPress website.

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