Getting a Good Business Attorney for Your eCommerce Store

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Even though eCommerce stores generally have fewer physical requirements to function than a traditional store, one thing that you will need is a good business attorney. Traditionally, stores hire attorneys and place them on retainer. The problem with placing an attorney on retainer is that it is more expensive. You must, in effect, pay for the attorney’s services whether you use them or not. Fortunately, you can get the legal services you need for your eCommerce store without paying huge fees. Here are some ways that you can get discounts or better deals.

Request Referrals

Talk to other eCommerce store owners who live within your area. While an eCommerce store can be located anywhere in the world with you doing business from any place you like, you will want to make sure that you designate controlling state law. Failure to do so will mean that anyone can claim that the proper forum for the lawsuit is in their state or country. So find other eCommerce store owners who have the same location. The same industry or niche is not necessary. Most eCommerce store business transactions are the same for legal purposes. So ask if they have any referrals to make and whether the attorneys offer discounts. Some attorneys actually have referral programs that provide discounts for individuals who find them through references. Make sure to bring up who referred you.

Be Precise in Your Request

Since you aren’t hiring your attorney to be on retainer, you will need to find one to handle the specific requirements that you need. If, for instance, you need an attorney to help you draft a non competition agreement or a patent registration for your POS hardware, then look for an attorney who helps with that. If you want an attorney who will help you incorporate, then look for one who will do that. Don’t just look for a general business attorney. You’ll often wind up paying more. The simple tasks that you need completed can often be obtained at a cheaper rate.

Consider a New Attorney

New attorneys often offer reduced rates. The basic needs for your eCommerce store are such that a third year law student could help you. However, since third year law students generally do not have the sufficient licensing unless your state offers such a program, your best choice is to hire an attorney who is just setting up shop. You may need to request the rate, or he may offer it for you. The other benefit of working with a new attorney is that he will generally have more time to focus on your case.

You will need an attorney at some point for your eCommerce store. However, hiring an attorney on retainer can be quite expensive, and it may not be the best use of your resources. Instead of paying more, you should look for ways to get the legal services at a reduced rate. You can sometimes do this through referrals or by hiring specific attorneys for specific tasks. Similarly, you can also get a reduced rate by hiring a new attorney who is looking for clients and eager to establish his base.

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