Hey Designers! Here Are Some Big Mistakes You Should Avoid!

When you are setting up your website online, you may spend your valuable time on designing the website. In many cases, all the web design activities are forgotten as soon as the website has been launched successfully. But Lalit Sharma shares some interesting mistakes that are to be avoided while designing your site and maintaining it for the long run.

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Worse Navigation: Poor and unclear navigation of your site will definitely have a bad effect. The main aim of creating content is that the users can read them. If the users are not able to find the right content in your site, they will go anyway. If you do not have search bars and include endless scrolling in your site, you are sure to possess a huge bounce rate. To prevent this, you can just go through your website in every couple of weeks to find out the usability. You can also encourage your friends and relatives to use your site and can find the difficulties. This process will definitely help your site to improve.

Lengthy Introduction: Never force the users to read a huge introduction in your site. This will create a worse impact on the minds of the users and they will bounce back without reading the main content of your site.

Site Background: The background of your website should be wisely chosen. You should not use confusing and distracting backgrounds that can move away visitors’ focus from the actual content of the website. The texts on the background should not be illegible and unclear. The dizzy backgrounds that can cause stress in viewers’ eyes and give them a nausea feeling should not be used.

Website Text: Small and illegible fonts are examples of bad design of your site. The color contrast of the text should be chosen carefully. As colored and underlined text represents a link, they should not be used to exhibit the normal texts. The whole paragraph in the content should not be in the italic, caps or in the bold format. It is always advisable to use the dark background with light text and the light background with the dark text.

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Complex URLs: Your URL structure should be clean and simple. The simple keyword based structure can help in improving the ranks in the search engine results. It can also guide the users about the main content of your page before actually visiting them.

Links of Site: You can always avoid the broken or the dead links. All the links should be easily legible and low color contrasts should always be avoided. If the color of the links and the texts remain same, then the user will find difficulty in finding them. The irrelevant links should also not be crowded in your website.

Website Images: Large images with huge file size and dimensions will increase the loading time of your page. Sometimes it may happen that the images are larger than the screen of the users, providing no use to them. All the images of your site should possess alt tags so that the search engines and the users can understand the subject of the images. Properly optimized images can improve the page loading time of your site.

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Force Registration: When you are designing the website, make it user friendly. Never keep a registration process if it is not required. The users will be coming to your site for obtaining information. If unnecessary registration process is implemented in the site, the users may lose interest in the middle and can move away from the site.

Automatic Videos and Audios: Never start playing the automatic audio and the video files in your site as soon as the user enters. You may have entered an important speech or a guided tour of the website through the audio or the video files. Let the user start the files if they find interest in them.

Use CSS Instead Of HTML: For creating the page layouts, the HTML tables were used earlier. But as CSS is faster and reliable than HTML, you can use them in your site to add different features.

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Drop-Down Menu: All the navigation options of your site should be clearly visible to the users. The drop-down menus may create confusion to the users and can also hide the useful information.

Disclose PDF File Links: If you are linking your site with any PDF files, disclose that to your users. Let the users handle the files properly with the help of the explicit links. Never let the users unnecessarily end up with the installed acrobat reader which is frozen and showing the unrequested PDF file.

Force Subscription: Never use force subscription process in your site. The users should be able to subscribe for the newsletters according to their will. Unsolicited emails without the consent of the users will have a worse effect on your site.

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Junk and Clutter: Excessive advertisements in your website can make it appear like a clutter. If your website includes large number of links in the sidebar and various blinks and flashes, the web design is not at all effective. If your landing pages are bombarded with many things, then users will lose focus and will easily navigate away from your site.

Never Break ‘Back’ Button: Under any situation, try not to use the break function for the back button. For example, some worse JavaScript links can break your back button in the site. Sometimes, opening a new browser can also be one of the causes.

Not Checking the Overall Design: The overall design of the website should be checked every now and then. You should check the browser compatibility of your website and also ensure that the scrolling function is active. You should solve all the website issues and avoid the unnecessary use of frames. Your overall design should also be mobile friendly or responsive in nature.
As the web design is an ongoing process, you should update with the technology every now and then. You should always upgrade your site with new features and functionalities and can move forward by improving your site.


Author Bio: Lalit Sharma is an SEO consultant who runs a SEO house called Ranking By SEO. He is specialized in link building and other SEO related activities. You can also find him on Twitter, Google+ and his personal site.

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