how ai transforms online commerce for good

How AI is Going to Transform Online Commerce for Good?

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Don’t be surprised if you are assisted by a virtual assistant next time you visit your favorite shopping site.

Though at first, you’ll doubt he’ll be of sufficient help but what if he saves you on time, presents you with near to exact products, answers 9 of your 10 questions correctly.

And most importantly, your name and address get recorded right into the company database and not shared with a human.

I am sure you are going to welcome the change. Isn’t it?

Statista predicts, the number of online buyers will reach 2.14 billion by 2021. This would mean it would be extremely difficult, even for eCommerce enterprises to provide human support to each customer. Forget small businesses, who always have to deal with rising costs.

It won’t be incorrect to say that AI and Machine Learning application in eCommerce is necessitated by predictable market trends but AI was not introduced to target a single industry originally.

In fact, the motive was to identify the next generation technology which is versatile enough to improve our businesses and day to day lives.

Mcommerce is nothing but a simplified version of eCommerce. In other words, AI led changes would have been reflected in both web and mobile platforms, unless you are only present on one.

See this infographic on AI driven trends that sure will be evident in the months to come.


Infographic source: MOFLUID

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