how to choose wordpress theme best performance

How to Choose The WordPress Theme with Best Performance

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Choosing a WordPress theme is a big step for every website owner just because it has a big impact on your idea. Obviously, everyone wants to pick the best performing WordPress theme for their website, but sometimes you cannot determine if the theme is right for you. The loading speed of your site will decide on your future success. You must choose a theme that loads up quickly in order to make sure you don’t have abandoned users.

In this modern world, time is everything. This means that if your website loads slower than 3 seconds, it is considered a slow website. There are many factors that have an impact on your website loading speed, and the theme is one of the biggest ones.

That is why, in this article, we will go through some of the ways to make sure you are choosing the theme with the best performance.

1. Buy Only What You Need

There are many WordPress themes to choose from, and all of them are designed for different types of websites. Choosing the theme that is right for your idea is crucial for creating a fast-loading website. In other words, they offer different functionalities and you have to choose the theme that contains the things that you need.

Buying a multi-purpose theme that contains different things that you will never use it is only going to slow down your website. It is also important to note that your WordPress theme is the starting point for your website. You will also add additional plugins that will increase your loading times. That is why it is essential to buy a theme that fulfills your requirements and minimize the use of external plugins.

2. Control Your Page Size

In order to choose a fast performing website, you need to go for a WordPress theme with a smaller page size. The more data like images, files, information, or sliders, you have a higher page size you will get. This means that you need to go for a simplistic theme design with only the bare minimum of essential features.

As a point of reference, fast performing website has pages that are less than 1MB of data. If you have a larger page size, you will need a very powerful hosting plan in order to speed up the loading. Unfortunately, people often go for WordPress themes that have more than 4MB page size just because they are more pleasant to look at and contain various elements. If you are trying to make a fast-loading website, make sure you pay attention to your page size.

3. Search For Theme With Fewer HTTP Requests

Your whole website is placed on a server, and when a user accesses your page through their web browser, the browser communicates with your server in order to get the files needed for presenting your page. HTTP requests are basically the number of times the browser asks the server for files such as images, CSS files and etc.

The good thing is that you don’t have to worry about HTTP requests in the future since HTTP/2 is coming, which will allow an infinite number of requests without compromising the loading speed. However, since it is not widely available and nobody knows when that’s going to happen, you need to select a theme with fewer HTTP requests. There are websites that measure HTTP requests, so you can simply copy the link from the demo theme and see if the theme is set up for speed.

4. Check the Performance of the Demo Theme

You should always run a speed test on the demo page. There are many website speed-testing websites that can tell you how the theme performs in the real world. It is important to remember that your website is not just only the homepage, and you need to test a few different pages from the theme demo in order to understand how the theme performs.

These are some of the things you need to consider if you want to choose a WordPress theme that opens faster than a horse running in the Kentucky Derby race. Your WordPress theme will have a significant impact on your website, so make sure you do proper research before choosing one.

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