How to Earn Money Blogging With Your YouTube Channel

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Making video is an art. It’s an art that can help you convert customer views into sales, and so far you’ve done just that. The only problem is you have people stuck on YouTube and you don’t know how to get them to convert on your site.

Lucky for you there are tools for doing just that at the end of every YouTube video that lets you apply links to just about anywhere you want to send your viewers on your site. You can send them to more videos on a playlist, or you can send them directly to the shop page of your website. You can also us info cards to direct viewers to specific URLs like your home page or blog posts. If you can get on YouTubes recommended videos, then you’re in an even better spot.

Since you have these tools at hand, we put together a few ways you can utilize these tools to earn money blogging with your YouTube Channel.

Extra Blog Content that Goes With the Video

People might find you on YouTube, but the ultimate goal is to get the watching your YouTube video from you blog page. One of the best ways to do just that is with additional blog content that directly relates to the video, but has a bit more detailed information. If people like your video, they are likely to want to see what you have on your site, and bonus content is a great way to keep them interested. If you have a great internal linking structure, you might even get a few that click around to other posts to see what you really have to offer. That’s where you can send them through to affiliate links, show them ads, or simply offer your own product or service.


A lot of people run contests for their viewer on their website. You can have them enter to win a prize of some sorts. If you link this contest to a system like Mail Chimp, you can collect their information in exchange for entry into the contest. This gives you an opportunity to send an email campaign that converts contestants into customers.


Just like a contest, offering viewers a 1 time coupon code in your videos can get people on your site. If you offer someone 10% off their order one time, you could turn them into a returning customer just from that experience alone. Once that sale is made, you can do the same thing as before, and set up an email marketing campaign to your customers. Tell customers about new products, product sales, special events, and make a customer through emails alone. If you send the right stuff to the right people, you might just make a sale. If no one knows about your sale, then no one will be there to buy.

Ads On-Site and YouTube

While your viewers watch your videos they might see an add. You set when, where, and how many ads can be shown on your YouTube videos. With Google’s new Ad-Blocker ban, that means you can really capture that potential with all those views. Your video should have an ad that is as many seconds long as your video is minutes long. So if your video is 10 minutes, show a 10 second ad at the beginning. Don’t forget to set that video to monetize, or you won’t see a thing from the ads people click on from your videos.

Converting Viewers to Customers Takes Purpose

When it comes down to turning your YouTube viewers into customers, it really comes down to purpose. What is the overall goal of your push for your own website to be used instead of YouTube. If you can find a specific purpose for the initial monetization of your viewers, you can develop a better plan of attack.

If you know your viewers love you for your reviews, you might want to look into affiliate links for the products you are reviewing, or selling them yourself. If you are selling products at retail, you might want to look into discount codes and email campaigns to alert customers of sales. The best strategy really comes down to intention and purpose, and there is no right or wrong answer. Just make sure the answer is a good one.

  • I want to sell my product
  • I want to represent my sponsor
  • I want viewers to read more about this topic
  • I want viewers to click on ads
  • I want to connect and nurture a new viewer into a customer

So, what do you want to do with your viewer? How do you want to convert them into customers? What is your master plan? Why is it your master plan?

If you can’t answer these questions, you need to keep working on your strategy.

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