how to host a social media giveaway contest

How To Host A Social Media Giveaway Contest

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One thing that your audience isn’t going to neglect is a gift. Of course, who doesn’t like winning? And, this inclination is one of the popular reasons why social media giveaway contests work these days.

Over the few years, brands have been using this technique to excite their audience. Not just this trick brings higher engagement rate but also helps to communicate with the audience and to know more about their preferences.

Whether you want to celebrate a specific follower achievement or want to experiment with something new, organizing a giveaway can be fruitful in every possible way. With such contests, you can simply increase your email list, follower count, brand visibility, and much more.

And, if you’re a WordPress user, things will even become easier for you as there are several WordPress giveaway plugins that you can use. Out of all, one such is WordPress Raffle that will surely make things easier for you.

So, moving ahead, here are some tips and tricks, when combined with WordPress Raffle, can bring amazing results out of your social media giveaway contest.

1. Understand your Target Audience

target audience
Regardless of what is transforming, the thing that is never going to change is the trick to understand your audience if you want to achieve goals. Undoubtedly, millennials are more complex in nature as compared to generation Z.

They aren’t interested in money, cars, houses, etc. On the other hand, what attracts them the most is a peaceful vacation, food contests, music festivals, and more. Before you start the journey, you must ensure that your contest is catering to the right set of customers.

Hence, make sure that things are as relevant as possible. If you are a tech company, you may want to target marketers. Or, if you deal in clothes, your potential audience may comprise fashionistas. So, think again before you target.

2. Set Your Objectives & Budget

Way before you begin your contest, you must be brainstorming over the goals that can make your key performance indicators hit the bull’s eye. You must start the entire process by clearing out specific, attainable, measurable, time-bound, and relevant goals.

Since a social media giveaway contest can bring the increased social following, boosted engagement, and growing email list, you would have to be extra cautious when it comes to making the final decision.

Although you may not find it difficult to accomplish most of the goals with one single campaign; however, prioritizing will help you remove obscurity from your way. Also, make sure you are concentrating on making the contest simple and easy. And then, think about the money aspect. You sure wouldn’t want to spend out of the budget that can make you go broke. So, figure things out before beginning.

3. Choose an Exhilarating Hook

social media giveaway contest

If you want to run a successful social media contest, your offer should be thrilling enough to bring the target audience on board, unless you are just satisfied with entrants. If you want conversions to happen, you would have to draw something unique.

For instance, you can think of offering:

  • Your products or services at a discounted price or free altogether
  • A product similar to your brand
  • A unique experience
  • A vacation
  • A gift card
  • Cash prize

Once you have figured the prize, then comes the time to comprehend upon the hook. If you think you cannot spend a lot on one contest, then think of an interesting turn. Make it easy to enter and set the standard higher. It will be an automatic hit.

4. Determine the Entry Structure

giveaways contest
While organizing a social media giveaway contest, determine the platform where you are going to host. There is no rulebook that would compel you to stick to one platform. If you have good social media presence on multiple platforms, you can use WPRaffle a social media giveaway plugin to organize contests seamlessly.

Once the platform is selected, then move forward to the requirements to enter. You don’t have to make this process complex as it might end up churning out bad results. Just a simple share or a retweet can help you reach out to more audience. Or, you can make it a photo contest, reply/share contest, video contest, caption contest, etc.

Every type of contest comes with certain rules. For instance, if it is a contest to encourage art, then the submission guidelines for the same would be different than that of any other contest. So, depending upon the type, set your rules.

5. Length of the Contest

When you run a contest, finalizing the length is important. Generally, it should depend on the value of your prize. A contest too short might not bring a lot of entries, and a contest too long will simply kill the audiences’ excitement.

So, try and bring out the favorable balance. You can either run it up for a week or two. Moreover, the duration should also depend on the platform. For example, if you are running it on Twitter, keep the contest short for a day or two.

Also, how many you are going to run in a month or a year should be decided beforehand as it will help you get an idea of what to expect and how much to spend. If you can, organizing a contest every week wouldn’t hurt either.

6. Promotion Is Important

giveaway promotion is important
What if you don’t have a significant number of followers on your platform? Even if you do, what if they are not engaged properly? In such a situation, if you organize a contest, it will be an utter waste of time and efforts.

Hence, to make your contest a superhit, you must organize the promotional strategy. There are several things that you can do to bring the social media giveaway contest into the limelight. You can run ads on social media, make use of email marketing through a WordPress giveaway plugin, approach bloggers who organize giveaways, and more.

Until you are not promoting what you are doing, you might not be able to get an amazing result, unless you are a well-known brand. So, along with your social media giveaway contest, you must also plan the promotion aspect.

7. Try to Differentiate your Brand

Your domain and your competitors play an important role when it comes to differentiating your brand from the rest of them. Although, it might be a bit tough to do so, considering more than 88% of brands are present on social media, highlighting the USPs of your brand is still not impossible.

So, if you have a profound knowledge of your brand, you would by now, know the kind of efforts you would have to put in to earn your audiences’ attention, especially if you are a new bee. In such a scenario, bringing out the originality through social media contests will help you gain more engagement and convince more people.

However, this would also call for spending more time coming up with different prizes, creating unique rules, and striking different ways to create results. Out of many amazing methods, you can even use the feature of live videos, which surely brings out the originality in the best possible way.

Is it Still a Strategy to Win?

Eventually, the social media age is just getting kickstarted. However, the method of organizing contests to engage customers may have to undergo a considerable transformation. When it comes to connecting with generation Z and millennials at the same time, the approach would need something extra than usual.

While the process to gain organic traffic is changing rapidly, contests can help you to gain engagements, shares, and impressions to a great extent. Hence, these social media giveaway contests are still worth the money as well as the time investment.

So, keep these steps mentioned above in mind and craft such a giveaway contest that brings nothing but great results to your brand and your products or offers.

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