how to make a torrent file

How To Make A Torrent File

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Making a torrent is one of the most efficient methods of file transfers on the internet. While the process sounds very intimidating, all you’ll need is a computer, a torrent client or program and a basic grasp of pointing what files or folders you’d like the torrent to get.

Before anything else, you will need utorrent free download for Windows 7 before you can create your very own torrent file. While there are other torrent clients out there, we give utorrent props for being extremely user-friendly, fast and lightweight.

Ready to create your own torrent for sharing with friends, relatives, co-workers, and the world? Here’s how to get started. After this, you’ll be ready to complete an efficient peer-to-peer network and data transfer without having to send the file per recipient, thereby saving you time for more important things. Plus, you’ll be able to send large gigabytes of files even when you’re sleeping or away from the keyboard.

Step 1. Get Your Folder, File or Directory Up To Speed

The first thing you’ll want to do is to get the files, destination or folder in the right place so you won’t have issues sharing or editing it later on. Put it where it can be easily accessed or located so you can change permissions on the fly, especially if you intend to make the torrent public. You can also make the torrent private or public depending on what the content and nature of the files are.

Also, make sure the files are separate from your personal photos, videos and data.

Step 2. Download The Necessary Software

Torrent clients are among the best software you can use to spread files on the internet because they’re easy to download and install. Unlike Google Drive and other file-hosting sites that have limits of file size and download time, torrents are unlimited on both ends, which means you can create any number of torrents, and your friends or network can download them unlimited times or as needed.

utorrent is great because it’s free to download and is lightweight, which means it doesn’t take up too much space on your hard drive. There’s a minimal amount of bloatware and the platform responds well, to boot.

Install utorrent and pick out the settings. After that, open the app and wait for it to load.

Step 3. Torrent Creation

Open utorrent for Windows 7 and allow the program a few seconds to stabilize itself. You will want to complete the wizard so that utorrent will runs its best.

Take a look up on the window and see the options for personalization. You will want to click on the ‘Open’ button and choose ‘New’, then wait for a pop-up window. utorrent will ask you what file or folders you want to share; point the destination to the preferred digital media and proceed to the next phase.

One rule of torrent creation is that you have to establish the torrent’s ‘trackers’. For those who want an easy way to create torrents, they can just pick out any public tracker that’s popular or available, including the following-

Copy-paste any of the trackers in the ‘tracker box’ section for it to become visible to the internet. Before saving, make sure all the information are correct so you won’t encounter issues later on. Name the torrent file appropriately as well for future reference.

Uses of a Torrent File

Torrent files are ultra-useful when you want to share files and want to do away with Google Drive, YouTube or social media channels. It’s also very versatile, which means you can share any digital content, from videos to books and everything in between.

Torrent files are also very convenient in the fact that anyone can download the file using their smartphone, tablet or computer. They can install a torrent client via Apple Store, Play Store, or on the website and tap or click on the torrent to call up the file. Downloading is automated and there’s no way it can be interrupted, or lost in a way that you’ll have to download at 0% again.

Torrent files are small enough that they can be shared via links or uploaded as an attachment to email or instant messaging.

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