Interesting Ways to Decorate Picture Frames

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Picture frames can look like small canvas strips on which you can apply different designs and colors in order to express your personality. Plus they look great as a gift and you will have lots of fun while decorating it on your own. Here we have shared interesting ideas to decorate picture frames with you so you can make them unique for your walls. Let’s see what you can do with photo frames to make them more attractive.

Creating Critters

You can decorate picture frames of your children as presents for the grandparents. In order to make it look even better, ask the children to collect small objects and later attach them to the frame. You can also purchase a pack of Sculpey clay and give it to the kids in order to create squiggly critters which will be later attached to the frame.

Create Designs with Paint

Don’t forget to get some paint makers and create designs. You can choose colors that are highly contrasting or similar, depending on your needs. Let us give you an example: let’s say that you have a frame with an off-white antique finish. In such case it might not be a bad idea to add some freehand arcs and curves and create custom border with gold marker.

Use Textured Paints

The textured paints add lots of intrigue to the plain picture. You can create a washed iron look, crackled look, or even a glass look. All you have to do is to apply one of those textures to your picture frame. All you need is a fan brush or palette knife for the application. The amount of the paint is determined by the amount of distressing or cracking. When you are done, seal the picture with spray clear coat.


Collect your favorite scraps of tissue paper, magazine pictures, ribbon or fabric. Express yourself and don’t put any limitations, especially if you are about to design a picture frame that has to decorate a specific décor of the room. You can also use leftovers from wallpapers, computer printed images and so on. Now wipe the entire frame and remove the picture and the glass. The next step is to trim the paper in the correct size. Spread a glue layer on the surface and stick your picture inside. Sometimes it might be easier to add some water to the glue in order to make it easier.

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