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Jamf Now Manages & Protects Apple Devices At Work

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If you own an Apple-driven office space with countless iPad, iPhone and Mac devices, you will find Jamf Now a handy mobile device management (MDM) solution. Jamf Now can help you deploy apps, distribute Wi-Fi and email settings and protect your devices by enforcing passcodes – even lock or wipe a device remotely.

Back in the day, it was not very convenient to have your complete business, employees and their devices under control. Some companies even avoided it entirely due to cost and the time-consuming process. With technology constantly evolving and improving, device management inside of organizations has become more manageable and less intrusive.

In the mobile-first era we are living, introducing an MDM is almost crucial for a company. Especially if you are dealing with a ton of sensitive information. More and more employees bring their own devices to work, declining business phones, tablets and laptops.

Many firms are OK with that but it is necessary for them to keep your devices secure with an MDM.

Constantly carrying two Apple devices, heck, four, might not be practical. That is where Jamf Now excels. Jamf Now keeps your company information, and the apps and settings deployed through it, separate from employee’s personal information. This eliminates the need for separate personal and company devices.
But that is not really what we are to discuss here. At the end of the day, to each their own.

But what exactly is an MDM aka mobile device management?

For those new to the term, let’s quickly look into what it is all about. The simplest explanation would be: MDM is a phrase for having mobile and desktop devices under management. This goes for all, smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. In most of the cases, a company will use a third-party product that takes care of mobile device management. In our case, this is Jamf Now. Indeed, you can develop your own, but that would clearly be a too large of an investment. Instead, go with those who are experts at it and let their software take care of your Apple devices.

Two more cents about the fundamentals and then we continue. With an MDM in place, an organization does not only keep their emails, documents, browsers and apps secure, they can also control create a custom experience for how employees interact with their work applications. By implementing an MDM into your business, you reduce support costs and business risks. With a small investment, you can save yourself not only a ton of money, but an immense number of stressful hours, too, if and when something was to goes wrong. The most straightforward advice would be: work smart and choose wisely. Sometimes, keeping everything in-house is not the best option.

Introduce a third party, avoid the IT hassle and still offer full support to your users. Sounds almost too simple to be true. Well, it does not always have to be complicated when it comes to tech and security. That’s why implementing an innovative and forward-looking application is the best way to go with.

By the way, if you haven’t yet seen an MDM in action, feel free to take a peek at Jamf Now’s live demo.

Devices and tech are a big part of everyday work life. There would be no business without one. And using top-notch products is key for high-end workflow and professional first-class results. Besides, with mobile devices being a priority for both employers and employees, mobile management needs are on the rise.

Using personal device can be a good and a bad thing. Of course, it feels better using your device for both work and personal stuff but keeping the data separate can be a challenge. Luckily, solutions are here for companies and their employees to have work and personal data organized.

While it is up to each company what brand would they go with, many choose Apple over any other brand. However, no matter the label of computers, smartphones and tablets, at the workspace, all products should follow high quality management and protection. There is no taking shortcuts when it comes to dealing with passcodes, emails, apps and the like. You know the consequences if your delicate data is lost. It could be a disaster.

By choosing the right service, you can have all your Apple devices under protection in a breeze. Not only that but managing and maintaining all tools’ content will be effortless and struggle-free. This could be deploying Wi-Fi passwords, distributing apps, securing company data and enforcing passwords, it is all simple and affordable with Jamf Now. Every business can support their users 100% without the costly IT. If that does not sound like you just won big times, I do not know what does. Oh wait, there is more to it.

Speaking of you and your Apple devices winning, let me tell you about one superb feature that will definitely persuade you and make you give Jamf Now a go. Read carefully since this one is an important one. An organization, a corporation or a local business can manage not one, not even two but up to three devices for free. As an icing on a well-decorated cake, you can do it for free – forever. If three is all you need, you do not even have to spend a dime and still fully benefit from the on-demand mobile device management solution, Jamf Now.

Pricing Options

For instance, if you are a one-man-band, three might be more than enough. However, the moment you start to expand and introduce new members to your team, adding more devices will be part of the process. When that happens, managing and protecting iOS products come at a reasonable price of only $2 per month. I know, it is laughably cheap. You are just creating-a-free-Jamf-Now-account away from witnessing how much an MDM solution can do for you. The shortest answer would be: A lot.

When the need for streamlined set up of company Apple devices occurs, now you know where to look for the right service. Even if you are not entirely sure, feel free to test the waters first and see how things work with Jamf Now. You will immediately notice that it is a powerful MDM that you and your colleagues will enjoy using. Simple, yet at the same time complex enough, to make you feel safe and your company information protected.

Even if you only use emails and apps like Slack, you still might want to consider a mobile device management solution. Those conversations you have can be rich in information and you surely do not want someone to secretly access them.

Moreover, setting up each and every new team member’s device with the necessary applications can be a tedious task. That said, with an MDM you can now distribute and deploy applications over-the-air. You can reassign licenses when team changes, disable native apps on a device, remotely lock the device and encrypt data. Yep, all this and a ton more is what you can do with the use of Jamf Now.

In brief, with Jamf Now you can manage and support all Apple devices remotely without disrupting employees’ productivity. It is also worth mentioning that the bring your own device (BYOD) is getting more and more popular amongst corporations, big and small businesses.

With the use of an MDM, a company can give employees access to their internal networks and data using their device of choice without worrying whether or not something might go wrong in doing so. The BYOD approach gives employees more freedom regarding device use. There is no need to switch from personal gadgets to company devices anymore.

Even when you are on the go, you can still have access to information and act on the specific task that needs to be completed as quickly as possible. On the other hand, mobile device management software allows corporate IT sectors to manage and maintain several devices that are used across the organization in unison.

With over-the-air programming being one of the key features of an MDM, an enterprise can be in charge of all devices remotely. This could be configuring devices, deploying applications and pushing operating system updates. Furthermore, if a particular device is lost or stolen, Jamf Now can remotely lock or wipe it to protect company data.

Now, if you have many remote employees or if your employees often go on business trips, an MDM like Jamf Now is a clever upgrade for your business. No need to worry whether or not something goes wrong. With sophisticated software, you can be certain that all your business information is secure.

If you are considering an MDM solution, give Jamf Now a try. Get started today for free and see the benefits it can give you, your employees and your organization.

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