jQuery 3D Banner Rotator / Logo Slider

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Welcome to our brand new jquery Banner Rotator. Beautiful 3D banner will showcase your commercial banners in an impressive and creative manner.  If you think usual banners are a bit boring and would like a dynamic way of displaying them then this is the file for you. If you would rather have a Flash version of this file check the links.

This is a simple jquery 3D logo rotator with 5 transitions including a 3D rotation and unlimited easings.


  • transition type (x, y, xy, 3D, alpha)
  • position
  • size
  • transition time
  • easing of transition
  • time logo is shown


Below is a documentation of how to edit javascript and html files to adjust banner to your needs.


  • Dimension of logo – fields bannerHeight and bannerWidth. These parameters define the size of logo. Enter values of dimensions of your image.
  • Time of transition – fields transitionTimeIn and transitionTimeOut. These parameters define the time of hiding previous logo (transitionTimeIn) and time of appearance of current logo (transitionTimeOut).
  • Time each logo is shown – field interval. This parameter defines how long each logo is shown (in seconds).
  • Easing of transitions – fields easingIn and easingOut. These parameters define easing of transition for hiding the previous logo (easingIn) and transition of appearance of current logo (easingOut).
  • Transition type – field transitionType. This parameter defines the type of transition used. Possible options are: »3D«, »x«, »y«, »xy«, »alpha«. All can be seen in preview on web page.

Please note that if you specify more logos like this all will use default settings. If you wish every logo to have specific settings use first method to apply parameters value individually for each logo.

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