Key Steps to Enhancing Your WordPress Site’s Load Speed With Caching

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WordPress is a free open source CMS(Content Management System) based on PHP( PHP is a server side scripting language designed for web development however it’s also used for general purpose programming language and was originally understood as personal home page however it now stands for Hypertext preprocessor) and is used by more than 23% of top 10 million websites and it’s one of the most popular blogging system on web.



In computing world cache can be simply defined as a component that stores data so that if the same data is requested in future it can be served faster. Similarly web cache may be defined as an information technology for temporary storage of web documents for example image, HTML pages, etc so as to reduce the bandwidth usage, server load and perceived lag, basically web cache is used in various system and may be broadly classified as forward position system & Reverse position system. And three controlling mechanisms are defined as per HTTP namely: Freshness, validation and invalidation.

In nutshell caching is a technology that optimizes the way previously requested data is reused as caching enables the objects to be stored locally basically on users computer so that the objects do not get re-downloaded every time the page is requested.

Lately google is making many changes to make web a safer and better place and with many updates apart from duplicate content, google is laying much stress on website speed to rank a website for a keyword on search engine and thus the speed of website is considered as one of the most important factor these day with the latest google trend as website speed creates a better user experience for visitors for your website as the visitors will not wait if the webpages are taking too long to get loaded as everybody hates a slow loading website.

Yahoo!YSlow and google page speed mozilla firefox plugins evaluate your site against the widely accepted rules of website performance, however they will not tell you regarding the exact issue and thus you need to understand & research regarding the exact issue with the website so that you may take corrective measures to get the issue rectified.


Is Speed important

According to a report by the Microsoft Bing search team, a 2-second longer delay in page responsiveness reduced user satisfaction by 3.8%, increased lost revenue per user by 4.3%, and a reduced clicks by 4.3%.
There are certain points that needs to be laid stress on so as to enhance the speed of your WordPress website to get it compatible with SEO trends.

  •  The images on the website should be optimized and must be displayed correctly with proper on page work done so that the website in accordance to search engine parameters.
  • Make sure that all the functionality related to files are loaded after the content is loaded.
  • You need to make sure that the style sheets are on the top.
  • Minify the HTML, CSS and Javascript, you need to remove all white space from the code when possible before serving it to visitors however we do understand that it’s not practical to remove all white spaces from files that are constantly edited and thus it’s beneficial to leverage a plugin like WP-Minify or W3 Total Cache to handle this at runtime without affecting the files we need to edit.
  • The files should be compressed at server level before they are sent to browser as this process helps in reducing the load time for website up to great extent.
  • You need to use content delivery network (CDN) as CDN is a magic bullet available, though it’s isn’t necessary however if is used it will make a big difference to page load speed.
  • You also need to minimize the number of HTTP request.


With all the above mentioned factors you also need to utilize the browser caching as you don’t require the browser to pull down another copy of static of files every time. Thus if caching is taken care of the speed of your WordPress website can be enhanced exponentially, as caching is an important factor that plays role in deciding the loading speed of a website.

It’s also beneficial to use WordPress plugins as a basic part of WordPress installation, kindly find couple of them mentioned below for reference:

  • W3 total cache
  • Zencache
  • WP Rocket
  • WP fatest cache
  • WP Super cache
  • These plugins helps a lot to reduce the page loading speed and helps to overcome of page load due to caching.


With above mentioned plugins you also need to opt for an optimal hosting solution specially designed to optimize the WordPress performance though it’s quite expensive however if you can afford it can make life and awful lot easier.

If the above factors are taken care of you can easily enhance the speed of your website and can thus easily get best results however using caching plugins are not mandatory however if used prudently they can work magic for your website, there are various other options available to help you in reducing the page speed of your website and thus you can check the solution according to your specific situation. You also need to remove all inactive plugins as they are greatly reduce the loading speed of your website at the same time proper stress should be laid on getting proper meta tags etc done in terms of on page work so that the website is inline to search engine SEO standards and is appreciated by search engines.


Author Bio – Jack Calder is famous web designer who deals in PSD to WordPress theme conversion service. He do blogging in free time and use to give webinar to share experience to his followers.

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