Linux vs Windows Hosting: Which One Should You Choose?

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Choosing a perfect web hosting solution has always been a topic of distress for many of us. We all want web hosting that’s fast, responsive and at the same time gives maximum uptime guarantee as well. But as the web hosting business is flooded with different plans and offers, we often fail to choose the right web hosting solution to match our requirements.

If you’ve gone through the websites of various web hosts, you might have noticed that most of them give you two options:

  1. Linux Based Web Hosting.
  2. Windows Based Web Hosting

Now before you start scratching your head trying to understand the difference between these two, let me tell you what they simply mean: the former web hosting solution runs on Linux operating system, whereas the later runs on Windows operating system.

Apart from the OS, what makes the difference matter more is the functionality that you receive from either of them. Here are some advantages of using each of these 2 types of hosting.

Advantages of Linux Web Hosting:

Below are a few advantages of using Linux based hosting solutions:

  • Cheaper Hosting Packages: As Linux is an open source platform, it does not require licensing costs that Windows require. And this reflects in the price difference between Linux and windows based hosting. Linux based web hosting services are cheaper than their Windows based counterparts.
  • Reliable and Fast: Linux web hosting was the only option available until the Windows web hosting services began. And hence, Linux based hosting is more mature in terms of performance; it’s faster and more responsive than Windows hosting.
  • Greater Compatibility: Compared to Windows based hosting, Linux web hosting has higher compatibility with third party scripts and applications.

Advantages of Windows Web Hosting:

Following are some of the advantages of Windows based hosting solutions:

  • Support for .Net Framework: For sites that need .Net or visual basic support, Windows based web hosting is the best and the only choice. Even though Linux does support a variety of languages, it does not support .Net framework.
  • Comparatively Easier to Use: Even though the overall mode of use is similar on Linux and Windows, Windows based web hosting is relatively easier to use in certain situations.
  • Support for .ASP language: Similar to .NET framework, .ASP (Active Server Pages) is also not supported by Linux based web hosting. As .ASP is a popular language, the support for .ASP gives a clear lead for Windows based hosting.

So, Which One Is Better, Windows or Linux?

Linux based web hosting solutions are best for those in need of a fast, responsive and secure normal website. But before choosing Linux based hosting, you need to make sure that the working of your site will not require .Net or .ASP languages, as they’re not supported by Linux yet.

However, if you’re focused in developing Windows based apps or if you’re in need of Windows programming languages, then you might understand the importance of moving on with Windows web hosting. Even though I mentioned Linux web hosting solutions to be faster and reliable, it does not make Windows based web hosting unreliable by any means. It only means that Linux is more ‘experienced’, thanks to its longer service than Windows based hosting solutions.

David Ford loves evaluating web hosting providers and contributes to various web hosting review sites. Don’t forget to grab on some vps coupons before you go ahead with any of the web hosts, be it for Linux or Windows based hosting.

Thank you for reading.

Linux vs Windows Hosting: Which One Should You Choose?

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