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Search functionality is an important factor of a WordPress website. A lot of websites have been benefitted from it. No matter which kind of your website is, it needs a search function, whether it is a blog, e-commerce website, or any informational website, users will definitely need to search for their query and save their time.

It can very badly impact your site if your website has bad search functionality. If you are using WordPress for your websites then you must be aware that the search functionality is also provided by WordPress. But WordPress never provides more desired results. Here are some reasons why and where WordPress is lacking functionalities:

  • When a search is performed on WordPress it provides results according to the dates, not by relevance and there are too many results for the particular query and a lot of them does not belong to that particular query
  • The results do not show the search term highlighted in the result and even the excerpts are not relevant to a search page. The search does not support Boolean like AND, NOT, and OR.
  • If the search query has a spelling error, then it will get no result and the results are taken from limited resources like the title and contents but not in tags and categories.



Search functions are really very important aspects of any sites, yet it does not affect smaller sites, but it can be the worst nightmare for any larger sites. But there are many options available which can replace the default WordPress search functionality with their advanced search techniques.

Google Custom Search


Google custom search” is a perfect search option for WordPress integration as it is more interactive. It is used by many of the biggest companies, even is using this as their default search. Google is a top search engine and it provides the best and reasonable answers to every query.

“Google search” can be integrated into any WordPress site and along with providing you good search functionalities they also provide a chance to earn a huge amount of cash for it. Yes, Google AdSense offers Google custom search to any website and it shows ads in the result, you will get paid each time when an ad will be clicked.

Google custom search‘ can be installed at the WordPress site by manually placing codes or by adding plugins for it. In both options, you have to put your name and website URL along with some necessary customization options.



SearchWP is a brilliant plugin that makes WordPress search functionalities best by adding important features to it. This plugin adds many new and necessary functions in default WordPress search options like:

  • Boolean search
  • Search Statics
  • Use of other search engines
  • Live search
  • Search term highlighting
  • WPML and Polylang integration
  • BBpress forums integration
  • Fuzzy Matching




It is the most preferred tool for adding search functionalities to any WordPress site. This is more easy and reliable to use and loaded with tons of features.

Relenvanssi is available in both free and premium versions. The premium versions have more functionalities and features above the free version and work on multisite.

The free version of Relevanssi includes the following features:

  • It can search exact Phrase
  • The search results ordered by relevance
  • Improve search with stopwords
  • Integration with WPML and Polylang
  • It can use Boolean operators like OR, AND
  • Search term Highlight
  • Search in more resources like comments, tags, and categories
  • Search suggestions for misspelled words
  • Fuzzy Matching


The premium version consists of all the above features and some surplus features like:

  • Multisite support
  • Assign an extra weight to new posts
  • Ability to change operators instantly
  • Ability to search user profiles, taxonomies, and MySQL columns
  • Throttling to improve the performances


Relevanssai is the best plugin for the improvement of search results. This is not only better than WordPress search but also faster and reliable.

The weightage system is the best feature that it provides like it gives weight to your newer posts in the search results, which means it will be shown at the top of the results. Similarly, the weight in posts can search the items with keywords in the contents rather than titles.

Final Words

WordPress basic search is lacking many important aspects of searching, that are seriously needed to recover. The above-listed plugins can help you to get better search functionalities for your site. If you are not satisfied with the free versions of the plugins then you can opt for the premium ones.

These plugins can help to deliver fast, exact and excellent results. Along with the great results, they add several more functionalities to the default WordPress search functionalities. If you use any other WordPress search plugin, then you can convey your ideas and suggestions to us.


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