Outsourcing For Freelancers

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Today more and more developers try to establish small communities that use various methodologies in web and software development, like Agile and Scrum. At the same time according to the statistics, more than 90% of freelance web designers and html-coders know nothing about methodologies and strategies of the whole web development. And the interesting thing is that they do not need them as they just work on their tasks and they establish their own ways to achieve goals. A lot of software outsourcing companies prefer to hire freelancers who will do their job fast and according to the latest standards in Web-design, WordPress design and etc.

They will not need any managerial staff who will guide their actions, who will literally force them to work. Freelancer for hire have their tasks and they get paid when they complete their job. No completed task – no money. And this is a huge incentive for the majority of web designers. As for the social guarantees, these freelancers lack them, of course. But actually, do they need them if they earn several times more than an average contractor? Moreover, you should not forget that the majority of freelancers still have a steady job and their freelance work is definitely a part-time activity. And one of the biggest plus and advantages of dealing with freelancers for any outsourcing company is payment. They do not need to conclude an agreement and pay taxes. When the job is done the outsourcing company just sends electronic money and everyone is satisfied.

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