The Best External Hard Disk Recovery Software

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Even the best modern hard drives, although much more reliable than their predecessors, still rely on mechanical components, which eventually fail. Recent studies show that hard drive failures happen at a rate of 5.1% per year during the first 18 months of service. If your hard drive is older than three years, this rate reaches 11.8% per year — hardly a satisfying goal when we consider the potentially catastrophic consequences of such a failure.
Nonetheless, they must not necessarily be that catastrophic: there are many awesome software tools, which may help you recover deleted files from the external hard drive. Now, the question is how to choose the most effective one.

Data Loss Prevention: What to Consider

Not all human errors or mechanical failures result in total data loss. Sometimes, attentive users can predict future problems with external hard drives — and thus, prevent them from happening. Sure, if the failure has already happened you have no other choice but to follow a reliable guide on external hard drive data recovery.

Nonetheless, it is useful to know what issues may indicate serious troubles with your HDD. You may want to create a newer backup and even consider the necessity of external HDD recovery upon discovering the following symptoms:

  • Significantly slower response time is a sure sign of either degradation of your HDD or some troubles with your software.
  • Various crashes, which occur when you connect your external hard drive to the PC, may indicate a failing or at the very least significantly damaged disk.
  • Beware of scratching and/or clicking sounds! Always check them out! If the source of these sounds happens to be your HDD, the news is surely bad: they almost always indicate mechanical failure, which may lead to the loss of loaded data.
  • You may also encounter diverse errors when trying to load new data on your HDD: while these symptoms are less reliable, they also require your attention.

Finally, even if your HDD works perfectly, neglecting your backups is always a bad choice. Hard drives are very fragile: even a slight hit may destroy valuable files.

Five Best External Hard Drive Data Recovery Solutions: A Brief Guide

As for the utilities for external hard drive file recovery, it seems that the market will never experience a shortage of these products: you can find dozens upon dozens of various tools with drastically different features. Selecting one of them or even narrowing the search to a particular group is not an easy task, which requires careful consideration and, ideally, technical knowledge, not to mention a bit of luck.

Fortunately, there is a way to simplify this search. In this article, we will mention the five best options in the current digital market. As for the detailed professional review, which describes all pros and cons of the selected external hard drive recovery software, follow this guide on the best hard disk repair software.

A great data recovery tool must provide satisfying results in terms of both efficiency and safety. Furthermore, it should also have a decent price/efficiency ratio — a welcomed yet not often obtainable feature.
Therefore, among the available options, the list of the most promising data recovery products includes the following:

  • Disk Drill — arguably the most popular variant, this data recovery utility combines simplicity and an intuitive interface with a great number of advanced features, such as faster scanning options or intelligent recovery.
  • EaseUS Partition Master — is one of the best tools for dealing with partitions: it allows you to clone, resize, shrink, and delete partitions with ease.
  • WinDirStat — is an open-source program, which allows you to gather valuable statistical information about your HDD: hence, it provides you with a helping hand when it comes to data loss prevention.
  • CloneZilla — a powerful software solution for mastering backups and dealing with the recovery of files.
  • Recuva — finally, yet another utility for undeleting files and dealing with damaged hard drives.
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