Three Reasons to Hire Back-end Development Professionals

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The world wouldn’t be the same without the internet. Millions of websites are available for us at any moment. We often ignore the simplicity of reaching information from these websites, though. You need to build a complex structure behind the scenes to see these pages work. Something that we as end-users don’t see.

Every website is made by web developers. There are many different types of developers, with the simplest differentiation being back-end and front-end developers. There are also full-stack developers who are skilled in both but rarely as skilled as those fully dedicated to one.

What does a back-end developer do?

Back-end developers focus on creating the part of the website that isn’t visible. Front-end developers will construct the design of the page, the responsiveness, and similar stuff. In contrast, the back-end developers will focus on web apps, databases, APIs, making sure everything works smoothly, etc.

Your company’s website won’t have any value without professional back-end development services and most probably won’t even exist. This goes especially for those who make a living out of their web page, like retail e-stores, companies offering services through the internet, and so on.

Now, let’s see why a back-end developer is essential for your project and why you need to find the best one. The ideal scenario is hiring a company with multiple different types of developers, but that’s up to you. See why you need a back-end developer.

1. Your website’s interface won’t be visible without the back-end developers

For the entire website to work, you need the web designers to create the perfect look and functionality and make the page useful to visitors. Entire teams of UX and UI professionals will gather to discuss the possibilities and options, only to decide what the page should look like.

All this time, the back-end developers will sit in the corner of the meeting room and be quiet, listening to what these people have to say. When they are done, the back-end developer will tell them if it is possible or not and what needs to be changed for their ideas to work.

These guys are responsible for the creation. They code, create and hold the wheel that drives the website forward. In other words, without the back-end developers, none of the front-end designers’ ideas will work.

2. Back-end developers “speak” multiple programming languages

When you’re hiring back-end devs, you’re hiring people who “speak” multiple programming languages. The best developers will know HTML, JavaScript, Python, PHP, SQL, C++, and CSS. Some of these languages are the core of the internet. For example, more than 94% of all websites worldwide use HTML, so it’s clear why a skilled back-end developer must know how to work with it.

Every website is made with more software solutions. For example, the back-end is made in HTML, but there are also add-ons made in JavaScript. Most of these languages are built on top of the first language C++, which is the core for coding, and a true professional must be highly skilled in it.

3. They maintain the website and make sure it’s operational

When something breaks along the way, the back-end developer will dive inside the code and solve the problem. These guys constantly monitor what’s happening on the back of the page, making sure it runs smoothly.

They prevent hacking attacks, constantly analyze what’s happening, integrate anything the page needs as an upgrade, and generally keep the page up and running. Whenever there’s a problem, you’ll call them to check out what’s happening, and they’ll resolve the issue. If they can’t do it, no one can.


These are some of the essential things you need to know about back-end development, and this is why you need the best developers in the industry. Back-end developers charge from $40 and above, which shows how much they are wanted, and how valuable their work is.

If you own a website and need something done, you’ll most probably need a skilled back-end developer who will know how to handle most of the issues. If you want it upgraded, you need to include them with the rest of the team and explain what you want to be done in the background.

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