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8 Time-Saving Tools For Content Writing 2020

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Content for your WordPress site is not time taking process you just need to know the helping hands – Best Time-saving tools

Most of the writers considered writing a time taking process, in this post, we are giving you a couple of important tips to save you time in creating useful content.

Today, people love reading original content, share stories, inspire, give ideas, and create interactions. Thus companies, advertisers, writers, and authors are increasingly concentrating on producing content that gives readers interest

Creating unique content daily is quite a challenging task for a content writer. You must understand, as a content creator, the immense amount of effort and time that goes into creating a single article. But you must also know that if you can save time in your writing phase, you will also be saving money and effort.

For authors, producing high-quality, entertaining content that people would prefer to read, and share is necessary. You may use content-writing techniques for this. We will ease the job for you and help you to write text that is well-researched, easy to read, grammatically right, and informative. But first, we are discussing some points that elaborate on why we need some helping hands to create unique content.

Why do you need Writing tools for quality content?

Tools that can help in creating content in less time are great to use for:

  • Upgrade your writing: You write meaningful material without mistakes in grammar or composition.
  • Boost Readability: You write quality text that your audiences enjoy and consider interesting.
  • Help you decide fresh ideas for content: you can quickly identify topics of trend that concern your audience. This assures that you have innovative ideas and content which appeal to the audience.
  • Support you produce amazing visuals: Visuals that communicate with the viewers are supported by the tools. You can get insights into which colors to use, which hashtags to complement the images, which patterns, keywords, etc.
  • Enable you to get organized: you remain focused on creating content of quality and not on graphic revision and formation. Your audience will also appreciate quality material that will address their challenges while keeping them involved.

You must use your time productively, from the idea creation to the writing of headlines, exploring and making a perfect picture.

Time-saving tools for content writing

To ease the task of choosing appropriate content writing resources, we have a list for you below of the best content writing tools.

Following just one or two of these strategies or tools might save you big time.


Grammarly is an online famous tool you can use in your writing to test the spelling and grammar. After finding Grammarly, you must check your content through the software before submitting or publishing a post. Grammarly highlights any grammar mistakes that you have made and makes recommendations for fixing the mistake.

Grammarly notices errors that are often missed by Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and other text processors. Grammarly also has an extension to Google Chrome that will test your writing as you write. Another best feature is; however, the Chrome plugin is compatible with Google Docs so you can check on mistakes while typing text.



Because of its simple text editing method, this online editing platform seems to be very prominent among writers and bloggers. This illustrates many complicated sentences and words, advises removing unnecessary adverbs, and transforming passive structures of voices into active voices.

Additionally, the software has options for document type and also shows the readability score of a text. This has a tracker representing a maximum number of words, letters, lines, and sentences and if it loses readability, you can change the structure of a text.

And thus, it can help you to save your time and retain the quality of data. The portable version of the editor is available on both PC and Mac.


Prepostseo article rewriter

Article Rewriter
This online platform is also cost-free just as the tools we have discussed above. It will produce posts fast in just about no time. Though a free article spinner typically does not generate the content that has been already published. It is pretty simple to operate. Paste the text and paraphrase it in the box provided.

It very easily switches the synonyms of terms and paraphrased text that is quite expressive in writing. Prepostseo will give the writer an outstanding alternative without losing its core concept.



Uni Check
Unicheck is a vital platform for preserving original texts. It operates quickly, checks uploaded data through a web index in real-time. Although this digital similarity finder is for educators and teachers, content writers can also take some assistance.

Unicheck (Unplag) checks your texts across sources on the internet or relates between two or more documents or folders. In this way, you avoid unintentionally repeating someone’s vocabulary and therefore avoid self-plagiarism. The tool focuses on redundancy and produces reports that connect to sources.

Unicheck (Unplag) uses text matches from the source for mask spotting. The connections will help you easily find out what needs to be referenced or updated.



Do you have a fantastic piece of content but still require a knockout image? Unsplash is a perfect tool for image-finding.

Unsplash has millions of pictures in stock which you can use for free. Pixabay is another excellent tool to find free stock pictures, in addition to Unsplash.


Power thesaurus

Power Thesaurus
Power Thesaurus is a free thesaurus feature that has no advertisements, because it is crowdsourced, helping to make it one of your favorite resources immediately. On top of this, the user layout is very smooth and sleek, and the software itself is still up to date with all the new linguistic innovations.


Readability test tool

Readability test tool
This readability software lets you check a number of references including web sites. The fast and simple technology rates the respective text according to that readability metrics, making it easier for your target audience to increase readership.


Proof HQ

Proof HQ
Proof HQ is a global leader in digital proofreading, which promotes quality and innovation improvement. Used by thousands of multinational brands and companies, this platform provides essential elements that optimize the evaluation and acceptance process from beginning to end.




These techniques for writing content can help make the process of creating content more quickly. You will save a lot of time with the software to support you with topic analysis, quality assurance, plagiarism check, and spellcheck. You will have more time to concentrate on improving the quality of the content using these resources.

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