Tips To Help Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

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Business owners often believe the best way to improve the number of leads they receive from their website is to increase their marketing budget. They may consider contacting a digital marketing agency to assist them with other channels such as SEO, Google Ads and social media.

However, although this can help improve the number of visitors your website receives, it may not be the best return on your investment. That’s because the easiest way to enhance the number of leads is often to improve the website itself. You have likely already invested heavily into your website but overlooked the necessity to increase its conversion rate – the primary purpose of almost any business website. The following is a list of some simple ideas to consider.

Website Design

Many websites make the mistake of overcomplicating things. It sounds unusual because you would assume that giving visitors access to anything and everything will help to keep them engaged. As a result, you would imagine it helps to improve important metrics such as the bounce rate and dwell time. However, quite often, it scares people away, literally!

Keep it Simple Stupid, or KISS, is prevalent in many sales training courses. If you overload customers with too much information, they will become disinterested and walk away from a potential purchase. As a salesperson, you should only provide information the customer wants to know. Giving them additional information because you are passionate about the topic may sound like a good idea. However, it’s likely to do more harm than good.

And that’s what a business website’s primary aim is, selling your services or products. Therefore, it should be structured to allow easy access to whatever information the customer needs. Depending on how old your website is, it may be worthwhile redesigning it completely. However, engaging a professional web developer may cost you considerably, not to mention the additional time it may take. Consider using free WordPress themes that come ready, out of the box.

Adding Visuals to Your Website

Adding pictures of you and your team can help customers create a connection with your business. It can help them feel more comfortable, even if only through photography. Be sure to include group photos that help show you are a close-knit team.

In addition to adding pictures of the team, you could also consider creating a video. However, quality is essential, so it could be worthwhile to hire a professional team. If the quality of the footage appears low-quality, it may give your potential customers a negative impression of your business.

Case Studies

Almost every business claims they are the best at what they do. However, case studies can prove you know what you are talking about—adding pictures or a video displaying the before and after a job helps to share the quality of your work with others.

Reviews Plugin

One of the biggest hurdles is getting a customer to trust your business. A simple way to help can be by adding a reviews plugin to your website. Showcasing your five-star reviews can help enhance a visitor’s opinion of your website and increase the likelihood they will contact you.

Another factor to consider is creating an ongoing business strategy to try and capture as many reviews as possible. If your website is an eCommerce store, you should consider sending all customers a follow-up email, offering them the opportunity to rate their experience.

Or, if you are a services-based business, perhaps a follow-up call from your receptionist is an option to consider. Not only will this strategy be valuable for your local SEO, but it may also potentially allow your business to mitigate any upset customers.

For example, if a customer had a meal at your restaurant and was upset with the customer service. It’s unlikely they would go to the trouble of complaining, especially if they are in the company of friends and family.

However, if you were to conduct a follow-up call the day after, they would be more likely to share their negative experience with you. Doing so allows you to try and improve their overall experience by apologizing and perhaps even providing a gift voucher.

Live Chat

When visitors are viewing your website, they may have questions and leave your website if they cannot speak with someone immediately. Even worse, they may forget about your business entirely, and you’ve potentially lost a sale.

Providing customers with the ability to chat with someone immediately can help alleviate any queries or concerns. Therefore, increasing the likelihood of them proceeding with their purchase.

Video Testimonials

Some businesses create fake glowing five-star reviews to try and give themselves a better reputation. Therefore, customers reading your reviews may not entirely believe them.

However, interviewing a customer can help them seem more authentic and genuine. It can also help if you can interview a popular and well-known client.

Seeking Genuine Feedback

Many business owners seek website feedback from their friends and family. However, it can be better to gain opinions from people with no bias, which helps to improve the honesty of their feedback.

Another mistake businesses make is by providing prizes to customers that leave feedback. However, this will only encourage people to leave non-genuine praise.

Online Stores – Free Shipping

This option is generally only suitable for eCommerce businesses. However, if you have an online store, you should consider providing free shipping even if you need to slightly inflate the cost of your products to cover the cost.

In general, customers don’t like paying additional for postage. Therefore, if you are willing to provide it free of charge, it increases the likelihood of a person completing their purchase.

Online Store – Abandoned Carts

Also, another option that can’t be ignored is ensuring that you follow up on customers that didn’t follow through with their purchase. Many businesses assume that a customer has lost interest and had no intentions of proceeding with their purchase.

However, the reason they didn’t complete their online order may have been entirely out of their control. Perhaps someone knocked at the front door, or the power went out. As a business owner, you should consider implementing a system to ensure you follow up with customers that abandoned their orders to maximise your website’s overall conversion rate.


We hope the information above helps. Most importantly, however, the primary message is to consider working on the conversion rate of leads you are already receiving instead of gaining new leads entirely.

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