Top 10 Free WordPress Themes for Businesses

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In today’s world, a business is essentially naked if they do not have a website. Most people that are searching for a product or a business that is located in close proximity automatically search the internet. Having a website is a must for all businesses.

You may not have thousands of dollars to invest in a business website. The fact is, you really do not have to spend a lot to have a nice looking website.

There was a day that you would have to pay a webmaster to develop a website using a sophisticated program such as Adobe Dreamweaver and they needed an online electrical engineering degree to understand how it worked. These days you can have one of your employees develop a highly operational website, or you can even do it yourself. If you just know a little basic coding, you can have that website doing many of the amazing feats that others have paid top money to have.

The best suggestion is to download and use a WordPress theme for your website. These themes can be manipulated to match the tone of your business. There are many free plug-ins that you can install with your WordPress theme that will give you exactly what you desire in a business website.

There are premium themes you can acquire, but why pay money when there are ample free themes? When you see the basic picture of the theme, keep in mind that you can alter it in multiple ways to fit your business style. You usually will have a variety of color combinations you can use. You can install your business logo, and even pictures of your products or your place of operation. The possibilities are endless.

It may be that you have a new employee who just finished college. Maybe he/she has some computer skills. Put them on the job developing a business website for you. No need to buy programs, just upload a WordPress theme and follow the directions on how to manipulate the style to fit your style.

These are the top ten free WordPress themes. You can give them a try. If you don’t like the style once it is up, don’t worry; just try a different one and all you have uploaded thus far will transfer. You may have to tweak a few things, but you will be surprised as to how easy it actually is. Start by trying one of these top-rated free business themes:


This theme is very eye friendly. The administration panel is very simple. It comes with many features that will make your website even more user friendly.


Workz is a theme that was developed to showcase products and talents. With this theme you get a slider that shows products. You have many options with this theme to make it yours.


This theme was developed primarily for food related businesses. If you have a coffee shop, supermarket or even a recipe blog, this theme would be great for you.


Turn your blog into your business website with this colorful theme. Many features make this theme a great choice.


Many are surprised that this theme is free. There are five color options to choose from and a wide array of other great features that will dazzle your customers.


When visitors see this professional design, they will probably wonder how you could afford it. This theme is very open to many ideas you may have in showing off your products and business.


This is another very professional theme. It carries some amazing features such as a cool slider and custom typography.


If you want your website to really stand out, this design is a great choice. The colors just jump out at you. This theme carries a very straight forward and easy to manipulate design.


Do you prefer a dark style website? Do you need a strong call to action? This free WordPress theme just may be what you desire.


This #1 theme has features upon features. You can make it look the way you want. It has an excellent slider to show off products. Multiple background colors allow you to have the color combination that suits your style.

There are many more themes to choose from also. Don’t wait another day. Use WordPress and have your business site up and running quickly.

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