Top 15 PowerPoint Templates Used by Fortune 500 Companies

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A presentation is more than a bunch of PowerPoint slides put together to impart information to the audience. When it comes to the corporate world, a presentation becomes the face of the company. It is an extension of the brand identity. The stakes are, therefore, high. The reputation of a Fortune 500 company is at stake if their presentations look like ugly documents crammed with text, indecipherable tables and charts, badly aligned columns of text, and unprofessional fonts and colors.

PowerPoint templates are, without a doubt, the most cost-effective, time-saving and tangible solution to the biggest presentation problem faced by all companies – impactful design. Let’s face it – no matter how small or big a company, employees are no professional designers having mastery over the nitty-gritty of design. Neither can a professional designer be hired for every boardroom presentation.

Most Popular Business PowerPoint Templates

Professionally designed PowerPoint templates address both these issues – the templates take care of all design nuts and bolts and is fully editable, they can be easily customized by each employee of the organization. Adding text to placeholders requires no skill! For a couple of dollars and in mere minutes, a polished presentation can be created that engages an audience, attracts more leads, and helps you win the prized deal!


Elevator Pitch: Short but Impactful Introduction

An elevator pitch is a brief introduction about your service, product or idea, why it exists, and the value it provides to others. It is called an elevator pitch because it is meant to provide a simple explanation of the product that the listener can understand during the short elevator ride.

Be it a start-up, small to medium company or Fortune 500 company, an elevator pitch template is required to entice the stakeholders and other audience about the value of your product. These companies prefer to go for a professionally designed template to create a favorable impression on their audience. This slide covers 3 sections:

  • What is the service or product?
  • What’s the core problem you are solving?
  • What’s your big vision?




Executive Summary: Complete Picture in One Slide

Like the name suggests, an executive summary slide is a complete summary of the company and its performance in the last financial year or quarter. It is meant to be viewed by the executive body, stakeholders and CEOs. It appears in the beginning of the presentation so that the management can get a complete picture of the main highlights in the start itself. Financial highlights such as net income, revenue, CAGR and EBITDA are an important element of this slide as the top management is mostly interested in the numbers.

The executive summary is also a crucial section of any business plan. Any business looking for investment and funding should create a concise and impressive executive summary slide. Fortune 500 companies go for an impressive template to keep this slide neat and visually impressive.

Mostly, an executive summary presentation template covers these sections:

  • Company’s Vision and Mission
  • Background and Capabilities
  • Promoters and Shareholding
  • Financial Highlights – Net income, Revenue, EBITDA, CAGR, etc.
  • Use of Funds
  • Operational Plan




Product Features/Benefits: It’s All in the Value

Sales and marketing professionals often need to convince prospects, leads, customers, third-party vendors, and other businesses the power of their product. This power depends on how beneficial the products or services are for the end customer. Does it meet their needs and expectations? Does it solve their problems effectively? Is a customer’s life incomplete without the product?

The benefits are more important than features. Businesses ensure that product offerings and benefits are aesthetically presented. Product description template is no wonder commonly demanded by all big brands.




Services Offered:  Snapshot of Offerings

Are you a B2B or a B2C company? What are all the unique services offered by your business? To leave no scope for doubt, businesses provide a complete overview of all offerings using this PowerPoint template.

Like a home page of a website, this slide only tells what you do and not describe everything there and then. Descriptions can be added in following slides. Every business, therefore, requires a professional and visually impactful services PowerPoint template.




Agenda Template: The Timeline of Your Presentation

Agenda is perhaps the most commonly used presentation template. After all, it follows the cover slide of a presentation. It tells the audience the timeline of the presentation breaking down the key takeaways from their talk.

Needless to say, an ugly bullet point agenda slide will prime the audience to expect a boring presentation from start. An aesthetic agenda template will create a favourable impression and make the audience look forward to the talk.




Mission Vision Values – The Heart & Soul of a Business

To win customers’ confidence, a company’s vision, mission and values should be communicated effectively. People like to be associated with brands that have a vision to bring a positive change in the society.

A mission statement differs from vision in that while vision describes the organization’s future goal, a mission statement describes the present and how it plans to achieve the vision. Both these statements describe organization’s purpose and reason for existence. It gives the employees a higher purpose and motivates them for achieving the shared goal.

Values are the principles that guide the organization in its internal and external dealings. It acts as the moral compass of an organization. Fortune 500 companies rely on a visually impactful mission-vision-values template to communicate their cherished dreams and strike a chord with the audience.




Our Team: The Decision-Making Body

Start-ups pitching their innovative ideas to venture capitalists and angel investors are banking upon the credentials of their team to make a strong impression on the stakeholders. Besides start-ups, company introduction presentations and annual reports also warrant a team introduction slide. This slide helps the viewers get an idea of the decision-making body of the organization and see the faces behind the action.




Roadmap: The Guide to Success

A roadmap is a standard document followed by all teams while crafting and implementing strategies. Be it sales team, marketing team, HR team, or any other, a roadmap helps set targets and milestones to be achieved in the next quarter or financial year and steps to be taken to achieve those. Broadly, there are 9 types of roadmaps:

  • Product Roadmap
  • Project Roadmap
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Marketing Roadmap
  • HR Roadmap
  • Change Roadmap
  • Customer Journey & Customer Experience Roadmap
  • Sales Roadmap
  • Business Roadmap

Fortune 500 companies also use a roadmap diagram to showcase the history of their company and its growth, achievements, stages of a process and so on.




Timeline: Unfolding the Story

A timeline, like roadmap, is a multipurpose template popularly downloaded by all businesses. Fortune 500 companies always use a timeline in their annual reports and presentations to show the diversification of their company and milestones achieved. Audiences easily understand the story of a company from inception until present thanks to a timeline.

One can present the development of an event over a period using a timeline diagram whether it is company growth, project management, or product development.




Testimonial: Word of Mouth

Good reviews are a clear indication of the success of a product, service or idea. Audiences love to read the reviews before deciding to buy. Leverage the power of favorable reviews to convince the audiences of the strength of your brand. From Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, a testimonial or quotes template is a popular request.




Sales Funnel: Tracking Customer’s Journey

Quarterly sales review templates are popularly demanded by sales teams as the presentation is a big affair for all. Amongst these templates, a sales funnel is surely demanded as it helps summarize the entire sales efforts in one diagram. The total visitors on the website leads generated from this traffic, refining of these leads by a marketing team and further by the sales team, and the won deals – step by step customer journey can be displayed using this template.

This template helps the management and the sales manager track the performance of the team at each level. It also helps set realistic targets for the next quarter and develop strategies to win maximum deals in the future.




Dashboard: Performance Display Panel

A dashboard template lets you visually display all the important metrics on one single slide. Many metrics are related to one another. The website visits may be jumping up, but you also need to check the conversion rate to see the benefits of marketing campaigns.

Creating a dashboard is a time-consuming task. Companies, therefore, prefer to download dashboard templates. Since the pie charts and graphs and other data visualization tools are excel linked, they can be easily edited by the end customer as per their data. Marketing dashboards, sales dashboards, finance dashboard, HR dashboard, DevOps, Healthcare dashboard…every industry and department benefits from these PowerPoint templates.




Gantt Chart: The Most Popular Project Management Tool

Gantt Charts have been used by every project manager to make his task easier. This visual representation of project tasks and their start and end date provides a clear understanding of the processes and progress of a project. Deadlines, tasks, and responsibilities are clearly set and communicated to all through this chart.

Besides project management, other professionals also use this template to schedule their tasks and monitor progress.




SWOT Analysis: A Must-Follow Strategic Management Tool

Every Fortune 500 company worth its salt continuously monitors its internal and external environment. Before reaching any decision about new products or markets and before crafting any strategy for business development, SWOT Analysis is performed and deliberated upon.

SWOT, as everyone knows, is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It is not just the company’s SWOT Analysis that is given importance but that of competitors too.

SWOT Analysis PowerPoint template becomes a must-have slide for showcasing the results of this analysis before the top management.




Social Media: The New Age Platform

All businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, understand the importance of social media in making or breaking a business. It is the most powerful platform to reach out to millions and connect with them at a personal level. Social media presence and an active engagement on the most popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. is a must to sustain in the 21st century.

Besides contact details, every organization showcases its presence on social media channels and gives out their social media handles so that the audience can get in touch with them later. Social media template makes the task easier for brands.




Besides these 15, there are many PowerPoint templates that have become a staple diet for any corporate presentation. Process diagrams, innovation template, puzzle pieces, gears diagram, hierarchy charts, flow chart, etc.

The popularity of PowerPoint templates is on the rise with each passing day thanks to its powerful benefits like:

  • Save Time – Hours saved in designing graphics
  • Save Money – Hundreds of dollars saved on a professional designer’s fee
  • Aesthetic Value – Professional look and feel added to PPT slides
  • User-Friendly – Editable and so easy to use

SlideTeam, the world’s largest provider of high-quality PowerPoint templates with 1 million+ slides and counting, is the one-stop-shop for premium PowerPoint designs on all topics and industry processes.

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