TUESDAY FONTS: HAUS Sans Bold, Amorie SC Family and Dectura

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It is time for Tuesday Fonts again. We present to you HAUS Sans Bold, Amorie SC Family and Dectura.


HAUS Sans Bold

font1 font2 font3

HAUS Sans is  inspired by Bauhaus and historical grotesk typefaces of the 1930s. Available in 6 weights, from “Ultra Light” to “Extra Bold” regular and italic versions. The font includes 389 gliphs, with subscripts, superscripts, ligatures and support almost all latin alphabets.


Amorie SC Family

font4 font5 font6

his is the Amorie SC font family package. SC stand for Small Caps, so don’t expect any lowercase letters here. Amorie SC: (Light, Light Italics, Medium, Medium Italics, Bold, Bold Italics) + webfonts.

Amorie is a tall and skinny hand drawn font. It comes in various weight and styles, and with an array of opentype options. Built to appear completely hand crafted, different designers could produce completely different results. Amorie SC comes in light, medium and bold and has accompanying italic versions.

Opentype for this font includes Contextual Alternatives, which produces three versions of each character, making sure no two identical letters appear next to each other. This feature helps give your design a fully authentic look. There are also stylistic alternatives, which offer different style for a select few characters, including capital letters: A, K, R, Q, Y and lowercase letters: a, k, r, q, y. Lastly, is a large set of swashes, 3 for each letter. This includes swashes for the whole uppercase alphabet as well as lower case letters with an ascender or descender.

If you do not use Opentype but are using a program that includes a full glyph panel, you will be able to access each of the style variations you want.

Languages supported by Amorie include: Albanian, Cornish, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romansh, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish & Swiss German.


Dectura font

font7 font8 font9

Inspired from mid-century architecture and late Art Deco, DECTURA features 13 different weights across three families. The Regular and Rounded weights feature uppercase and lower case letters, a slew of language options, numbers, alternate characters and ligatures. There’s also punctuation, if you’re into that.

The remaining 5 weights fall into the Inline family. Stack them to fit your design or color palette. The possibilities are endless (unless you are good at math). It should be noted that the Inline family is capitals only, but does feature language options, symbols, numbers, and punctuation.

Hope you enjoyed our Tuesday fonts.

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