Unfold the Mysteries of WordPress With The Beginning of a New Era – 2017

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2003, 2004, 2005……. and now we have entered 2017. A journey that gave its founders – Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, their share of praise and appreciation that is and will continue for years to come. WordPress wriggled its way out in the world of technology by being used as a blogging site. Very little did Matt and Mike know that the tool that they had created for uploading blogs will go on to make history in the world of technology as the best content management creation tool. Today, nearly 75 million websites are powered by WordPress and this figure aptly justifies the progress that the two founders are heading for.

Without leaving a place you cannot enter a new place and the same concept applies to WordPress. It has given the world new versions with every advancement that the tech world has made. You cannot make a future until and unless you have let gone the past and WordPress believes in constant updations and advancements in its tools and techniques promising a bright future filled with mysteries and interesting innovations. New innovations in the world of technology is always welcomed with open hands as they are beneficial and enticing in nature. An Apple makes the whole world go weak on their knees with each new innovative solutions be it in devices or the operating software. Just like the apple we have the WordPress fanatics all await with baited breath as to what difference will this new year bring into their lives along with the newly updated versions of WordPress.

The days are all still dripping with oodles of ‘New Year’ wishes that constantly reminds us of an era that is awaiting our presence. Hope keeps us all surviving the odds that always enters without knocking and to face this ever changing world of technology WordPress is one such Hope that promises a bright future. With inventions and discoveries making our lives easier, we have the WordPress Foundation witnessing a perennial of new and updated versions where the users are more than keen to adapt the changing phase of WordPress. The world out there is witnessing web development WordPress has in store for all the developers who are expecting to create magic on the world wide platter with the magic wand dispensed by WordPress.

What new treasures has the WordPress Foundation brought for a world that is gushing with inventions, updates, discoveries and much more for making our lives preferably exceptional? Lets have a look.

New year, new version – WordPress 4.7

‘The name is 4.7……. Version 4.7’. Yes, this is how the world would be addressing the newer version of WordPress that is all set to create a new era in website creation. Did you know that it has been named ‘Vaughan’? Why ‘Vaughan’? Well, Sarah Sassy Vaughan is a famous jazz vocalist and the WordPress Foundation has decided to give a tribute to this famous vocalist by naming the 4.7 version as ‘Vaughan’.

What new has this ‘Vaughan’ in store for the year? Let us have a look at some of the scintillating features of the 4.7 version.

1. Tailoring your experiences:

We all love it when we get things as per our desires and WordPress has emphasized this need to an extent that the theme set up has been attributed with an advanced facility. The customization mode has some really enticing features with on the spot editing option where you get the opportunity to systemize the contents on the homepage as per your needs and requirements.

2. Listing out as per your requirements:

Just as an engineer has an idea as to how the building would look and constructed, a WordPress developer will also have an idea as to how a site will be displayed and how will it look when it goes live. So now as the developer has an idea it can be executed on the fly. The back end will be all set to accept the content that needs to be added once the developer has published the changes on the website.

3. Custom CSS:

Say bye bye to constantly hit the refresh command before having an idea as to what the custom CSS will be bringing in. The newer version allows you to effortlessly add the custom CSS to the site and get a chance to witness live as to how the changes are being reflected on the site. This will considerably reduce the efforts and time taken to add the custom CSS to your site.

4. Heading with support:

Gone are the days where the headers were limited to only images and texts. Now all the videos can be attributed in the header, irrespective of the place of origin. You can make use of videos that are in the mp4 format or upload a video from youtube or a Vimeo video directly as a header video.

5. A sneak peak for PDF’s:

The PDF never had an attractive impression in comparison to an image or a video. But now you get to see a thumbnail of your PDF’s just like the images and the videos in the media library.

Plunge into a 360degree view

Distance is now just a word in the dictionary that emphasize the number of  kilometers that a person is away. Well, technology has almost burnt the midnight oil to not only shrink but also diminish the kilometers that created spaces between the worlds. We have entered an era where you can feel the world from wherever you are and this to a large extent helps in diminishing the distance. WordPress, that started as a mere blogging tool is now one of the most sought after content management systems. The contents that are now uploaded can be attributed by videos and images that can be viewed from all possible angles. This update has brought about a 360-degree change in the world of technology. The Virtual Reality concept has finally engulfed the WordPress generation.

A WordPress powered website has become responsive to various devices and this to a large extent has curbed the greater sections of a society. With different devices the view and experience that is distinctive in nature. The desktop view would give you a different look and feel of the virtual images and videos as compared to a mobile enabled view. When you are viewing through a desktop you get to move the video or image with the help of a mouse.  A VR headset would be like the added feather that would enhance the experience of virtual reality concept.

The Virtual reality concept has one more vehicle added to its transportation facility where this new vehicle promises to collect as many travelers as possible reaching out every nook and corner of the world. This new vehicle – WordPress, is all ready with great pomp and vigor to accept this challenge of accumulating travelers that could get the privilege to have an experience like never before.

Plugin attributing a new era!

The new year now has some of the interesting updates that WordPress has in store for them and one among them is the inclusion of the Virtual Reality concept that has taken a step further to make the user experience more glorious in nature. The release of the Virtual reality WordPress plugin is all set to raise the benchmark of the WordPress development tool. Simplicity is the quality that manages to garner utmost accolades as it is the most difficult task to being simple in a world that adores and engages in complications. The WordPress team has made it as simple as possible to use this plugin to demonstrate some of the best works in the world of technology.

Toni Schneider, a board member of Automattic – a company that develops WordPress has tried their level best to make this process of installing the plugins, making the WordPress websites user-friendly and easy to use. So how do you get a VR content onto your WordPress page? It is as simple as uploading an image or a video to your website. The only choice that you would be having to make is whether to upload a 360-degree video or a full VR cinema mode. This choice rests entirely on the person who will be designing the website or the web page that includes a VR video. The invention of this new plugin is all set to bring about a change that the world is yet to witness.

All these new features, added advantages, and updates are like the guiding light that ensures a safe future ahead. With all these essential tools the world of technology can raise their bar and look forward to a future that is not only alluring for the common man but for all the tech oriented people for some exciting journey. All the Tech developers wait with baited breath as to what the WordPress foundation will unfold with each passing of time and these features are quite promising of altogether a new era that will be attributed by WordPress inflating the number of WordPress lovers and followers.

The journey of WordPress so far can be best described as follows – “The past was affable and the future is alluring.”

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