How to utilize and use Shortcodes Ultimate plugin?

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If you are a website owner, you must have someday, come up with making your content more dynamic. Now, of course, if you have a premium theme, functionality is sky-high already. However, in the latter case, you need to get your hands dirty with PHP markup languages which are time-consuming.

Nevertheless, you can use shortcodes which will not only save your time but also provide you with robust features in minimum efforts. We used to have a lot of shortcodes embedded in the themes itself, but latest standards advise against this practice. Instead, it’s better to utilize a plugin and use those shortcodes (and adjust design if necessary).


What are Shortcodes?

Shortcodes are basically the markup languages that allow you to add a bit of function into your WordPress website. With this powerful tool, you don’t need to know much about coding. Shortcodes are short words HTML placed in box brackets [Shortcode] instead of angular ones <Regular code>. This is to allow you with quick function-add-ability.

For instance, if you want to add a gallery to your post, you could simply place brackets around [like this] this would help the editor refer an image that is uploaded already. You can use these shortcodes for widgets, videos, buttons and so forth without understanding the PHP code. They are a valid addition to WordPress Templates.


How to add Shortcodes

Using shortcodes is a bit complex, but the shortcodes plugins make the whole process smooth. Here are two ways for doing it. One is complex and other is simple:

  • Adding functions to your functions.php, linking it to your shortcode functions and getting it online via WordPress editor.
  • By installing shortcodes plugins, this way you can add any functions directly from your WordPress editor.

There are many plugins for performing this task including Olevmedia Shortcodes, WordPress Shortcodes and more, but Shortcodes Ultimate is the best one in our opinion and has the highest active install number and the best rating. We are using it in most of our latest WordPress Themes. You can check which Themes are using it at WPthemesChecker


The Shortcode Ultimate plugin

Shortcodes Ultimate is a one and only tool for all functions and shortcodes that you need. It is packed with some premium features including 50+ shortcodes to make the whole content editing a lot easier. Shortcode generator makes content editing process swift and quick. You can get fully responsive and modern designs embedded instantly. Shortcodes Ultimate is compatible with all the themes, which makes it a perfect choice for a business website and a personal blog as well.

That said you can extend the dynamic functionality with a chunk of add-ons. So, without further ado let’s dive into this awesome freemium plugin.


Getting started with Ultimate shortcode

Shortcodes Ultimate is available as both the free and premium tool. To get started, simply find and add the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin from the add plugin tag in the sidebar.

Once you have the plugin added into your WordPress software, activate it.

Shortcodes Ultimate is WordPress plugin that provides mega pack of shortcodes.

After installation, you would be able to see an “Insert shortcode” tag appear in the WordPress editor.


Quick preview

There are 50 different elements available on the Shortcodes Ultimate homepage. You can select the tags based on the piece. There are more specific pages for editing content, box, media, gallery, data and other.


Plugin homepage will give you an idea of what you could bring in with shortcode editor. Click on a particular tag and you will see another menu appear for more zoomed editing.


Using Shortcodes Ultimate with different themes

People use different themes for making their content more useful and well-oriented. There is, however, much more to do with content designing and presentation without hurting your theme-budget.

You can use shortcodes ultimate elements with any theme, design to create a more structured post. For instance, take a look at our Brixton theme (specifically for fashion related sites).

You can add quotes using quote element from shortcode editor, simply add the author name and quote. You can add premium skins for presenting quotes in a more designed way.

Similarly adding columns to the theme will make the content arranged. As I mentioned previously, shortcodes ultimate is compatible with any theme.

You can use it with personal blog theme as well. Take a look at Everly theme for personal blogs. While such themes are already elegant in design, it becomes better with well-arranged content. A blogger can add button and quote directly from your blog posts without going through any serious coding. Just click on the insert shortcode option and add the feature tags with details.


Adding Elements into content using Shortcode editor

Shortcode editor has specific features for editing content, media and other. The content editor makes it simple to add Button, heading, list, table and RSS feed. For instance, to add a button into your post, you will just need to click on the button and you will have a more details button editor appears on your page.

On opening the button editor, there would be an option for adding a link, style-dimensions, target, and background/text color. After adding these settings, leave the features like Fluid, centered, radius, icon and others to default for a normal button tag, nevertheless, you can change them for more customization. Finally, add the button content and take a live preview.

IMAGE SOURCE: Shortcodes Ultimate


Creating Widgets and Gallery

While other options in Shortcodes Ultimate are easy, adding widgets and image gallery is a bit different. You need to manually add the widget for Shortcodes Ultimate.

For snapping gallery you can use gallery tag directly from the Ultimate Shortcode. You can select the images and upload it, or add the one which is already uploaded on WordPress.

Short Video Tutorials


Improving dynamic functionality using add-ons

While free Shortcodes Ultimate is already loaded with great features for your WordPress website, you can always improve the functionality with add-ons.

You need to spend a little for unlocking the most robust components. Here is a more detailed take over all the add-ons.

  • Extra Shortcodes – You can extend your Shortcodes availability with new shortcodes add-on. If you want add testimonials, Icons, progress bars, slider or others then this add-on is for you. It allows non-coders to add functions without any coding knowledge. It costs $25.
  • Maker – If you have something in mind and it is unavailable on Shortcodes Ultimate, then you can create your own code with HTML or PHP. It costs $15.
  • Skins – Buy this add-on if your website is all about design. This extension is packed with authentic skins for shortcodes. You would get around 60 unique skins. It costs $15.
  • Add-ons bundle – This extension is a one stop for adding all the add-ons in one go but at a lower price. It costs $40. You can add the extension pack directly to the shortcodes ultimate while saving $15.


Over to you

Shortcodes Ultimate makes the process of editing content process much easier. You don’t need to work with heavy HTML and PHP coding. Simply add the plugin on your site and you can start editing. Nearly all of the tags in Shortcodes Ultimate provide clean usage options. You can have a live preview and insert the shortcode into the post.

Use premium add-ons for extending the available features and for making shortcodes ultimate more customizable. So, now you have learned the usage, it’s time to play with shortcodes.


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