How VPS Hosting Can Speed up Your Website

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VPS hosting is the best option if your website is facing downtime issues on a shared server. Websites that receive huge traffic can cause problems to all the sites on a shared server and hence, it is not a good option to rely on a shared hosting plan for your business. Most of the high traffic websites use a VPS hosting so as to be stable when there’s too much traffic coming in. If your site is an ecommerce website, having a VPS is essential. Let’s see how VPS hosting can boost the speed of your website to a great extent.

No other sites share your resources

In a VPS server, each website works in an isolated virtual private environment and hence one website cannot affect the other. Even when a website in the physical machine receives too much traffic, other sites won’t be affected unlike in shared hosting. This particular feature is the reason why VPS is stable throughout and has more uptime than shared hosting. Being isolated in the physical machine also has the advantage of privacy and safety.

You get exactly what you pay for

In VPS hosting, you can be sure about the system resources available for your website and you get what you are paying for. In shared hosting you are bound to believe the service provider’s words on the system resources and it may fluctuate as other websites share the same server. But in the case of VPS hosting you are the one managing the whole VPS and you can always monitor the server stats and resources. This is a great thing as it gives you complete information on your own server and since you get all the system resources as promised, the speed is never affected by any other factors apart from your own traffic.

Flexible and allows growth

A VPS hosting plan will be flexible and lets your website grow unlike the limiting shared hosting that you have been on. You are the master of your server and can configure it according to the specific needs of your site. This will make sure that you never run out of resources that are essential for the dynamic aspect of your website. And being independent gives you a lot of peace of mind since all you have to worry about is your own bandwidth and not the outperforming sites like in the shared hosting.


If your website has outgrown the capacity of a shared hosting plan, you should seriously consider switching to a VPS. Of course, it’s a bit costlier than shared hosting but there are always cheaper alternatives. If you are low on funds, you might want to look for the cheapest VPS server that is capable of serving your site in good health as well. If you need faster loading time for your website, then the only reliable option is to move on to a VPS hosting plan and be on top of the competition.

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