4 Essentials To Get The Most Of New Website Launch Announcement

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These days, a new site launch is a must-have for those who need a catchy promo. The thing is that there’s no way to avoid this step, as we live in times of technological progress. Everything becomes digital now. And your business won’t make an exception.

So, what should you start with? How to get the most out of a new website launch announcement? Fortunately, it is easy to craft great content. You can create blog posts, or integrated social media buttons easily. All the site-related actions become super simple. It happens thanks to different ready-made products and services.

Seeing that, would you like to impress the would-be audience? In this case, you are reading the right post. Here is what you should know before the long-awaited launch day.

Search for a Perfect Website Theme

At the outset, site-building process is as easy as ABC today. You can manage a needed online project in a quick and effortless way. The only thing you should do is to find a professional website theme you like. There are numerous supporting products available on different marketplaces. But how can you choose the right item when the variety is so wide?

Well, web design always matters. You can find your theme based on this point. However, there are many other things to consider, like the options that come inside. To illustrate, here is Presenter – a well-featured theme for entrepreneurs. It contains all ready to launch essentials, including the following:

  • fast loading speed,
  • social networks integration,
  • responsive website design,
  • SEO-friendly design,
  • 100% readability, etc.

Once you are done with the must-haves, it is time to look for content-oriented features. For example, you can improve website design with the help of the next features:

  • various gallery posts to showcase your content beautifully,
  • quote block to add testimonials,
  • banners for company announcements,
  • counters,
  • CTAs,
  • dropdown menu,
  • unlimited color schemes, and more.

Needless to say, it is a good idea to announce the launch of a project. Audience attention is what any startup needs. Don’t you want to start getting it even before the website launch announcement?

To start with, you don’t have to manage a big, page-rich website. You can start a compact project. There are lots of ready-to-use products to search for, as this all-in-one landing page.

Running a one-page site is not a complicated process. But the result may impress you. There are 11 ideally designed templates in the pack. Any element is fully customizable. You can change the settings according to your personal taste.

Integrate with Social Media World

No matter which kind of website you are about to set up, it will require this feature. The good news is that most modern themes come with social media integration in the pack. Don’t forget to add the feature to your must-have list. All in all, the success of your website depends on it.

SM is much more than just a way to communicate. People use popular platforms to get and transfer information. That is why any successful company takes care of its SM profiles. Why? Just take a quick look at the recent statistics below!

1. 4.388 billion is the number of internet users worldwide this fall.
2. Also, 3.484 billion is the number of SM users globally.
3. 5.112 billion is the number of mobile users, and most of them use mobile internet to visit SM.

The number of active users of popular social media (like FB or Instagram) increases every day. People use these platforms to look for new products and services. There may be lots of your prospects. And that is why the site you build should be SM-ready.

By the way, many marketers create brilliant SM promo by using of Social Media bundles. Would you like to design attention-grabbing banners for Instafeed? Do you need images for Pinterest, Facebook, and other popular SM? Here are the features you should look for:

  • changeable color settings,
  • versatile design,
  • high-quality images,
  • fully editable elements,
  • readable fonts,
  • Stories templates,
  • Smart Object feature, etc.

In addition, make sure that all the texts and buttons are editable. With it, you can try to guest post. It is another effective way to introduce your freshly appeared website to the world.

Get Use of Other Popups

Actually, newsletter popup is not the only popup that will be useful to get prospects engaged. You can enrich the web design with such stylish items as gift and sale popups. These products are easy to edit. They contain lots of top-notch features, including:

  • counters,
  • subscription;
  • contact forms,
  • banners,
  • ‘Join Us’ popup,
  • customer support popup,
  • yes/no popup, and much more.

Without a doubt, by using these features, you can make the site even more visitor-friendly.

Keep the Audience Engaged

Before everything else, your website should receive regular updates. It is critical both for Google search console and real visitors. You need to keep the site up-to-date to attract the search engines. They will scan new content which brings higher search results if the site is SEO-ready. That is why Search Engine Optimization is your must-have.

NB: use relevant title tags once you’ve updated new content. On the one hand, it will help the engines to index your pages. On the other hand, it will help web users to understand what a particular website page is about.

Next, you can keep the audience engaged by working with their email addresses. Create an email list and design newsletter subscription. NB: add only worthy details! Make sure that a viewer will find useful information when they open your email. Otherwise, it will end up in a spam folder.

By tradition, you can look for a properly designed newsletter email template. These items are simple in customization. Working with the templates doesn’t require any special skills. Still, there are some features you definitely need for a shining website announcement. Here they are:

  • responsive layout, so that your newsletter will look professional on any device,
  • cross-browser compatibility,
  • stamp-ready builder,
  • unlimited colors,
  • campaign monitor feature,
  • eye-friendly typography,
  • CTA buttons, etc.

You may think newsletter is a regular thing… Well, it is still important to craft a classy email. The reputation of your site (and sometimes even business) depends on it. Here are some tips to read before new site launch.

1. Create a list of your active email subscribers. Start working with this group.
2. Interest people with your content. Use promo info, sales, and other cool freebies to get prospects’ attention.
3. Offer some free products or discounts for a subscription.
4. Work on your own eBook and offer it for free.

All of these will help you to both to increase social media presence and drive sales. Besides, you will surely drive more traffic.

Final Thought

Long story short, creating an online project is a quick process now. As well as promoting your site. To finish with, here is a fresh checklist:

  • make friends with SEO,
  • guest post,
  • use Google Analytics,
  • integrate with SM,
  • use YouTube adds,
  • create CTAs,
  • make your site as user-friendly as possible,
  • buy promotions from influencers,
  • email news,
  • make sales,
  • offer free items, and so on.

Quoting Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO, you should chase the vision, not the money. And the money will end up following you. Modern world gives you all the opportunities to stay unique.

Are you ready to create?

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