Weekly inspiration: Beautiful Work Spaces

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Our environment is very important to us and as a designer, you spend a lot of time in your work space. If you are a freelance designer, you have the benefit to make your work space the way it suits you best. It is important that it is bright, that you have enough space, a big desk, comfortable chair and that it is a place that gives you inspiration.

We searched the web for some Beautiful Work Spaces for your inspiration.


This work space is dark, simple elegant and minimalistic.



Closet office is perfect for those who have less space.



Simple, bright and with a garden.



Neon theme work space.



Work space with beautiful inspiration board.



Why not brainstorm while having fun?



This is a perfect idea, if you need a lot of shelves, but you don’t want to lose natural light.



A beautiful Ikea Expedit desk all in one.



A beautiful black and white work space.



Another amazing and absolutely stunning idea for a small apartment for you to have a nice work space.


Hope you will find good ideas in our Weekly inspiration: Beautiful Work Spaces.

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