Why Hire a Dedicated PrestaShop Developer?

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How to run a successful business? Whether you’ve launched a startup or have a large-scale company, you always look for powerful solutions and support to empower the business.

The Internet nowadays is the main place to run a business. Why? It is more convenient. You can offer your services and products for 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can run the business from any palace in the world and improve client service by your flexibility. Save money on payments for physical stores and vehicles to deliver goods. Ecommerce helps to demonstrate your professionalism as well as avoid paperwork. Moreover, customers are more likely to visit a website to get information on your services or products then going to your brick and mortar.

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You might be wondering how to run an online business. Well, the first thing to do is creating a website. You can hardly find a business without a site. Companies use websites to offer their services, sell products directly to customers, promote their brands and more. If you decide to work online, you need to pick a CMS platform that will cover your needs. The modern market has lots of eCommerce platforms. Choosing the one for your business, you need to consider all the aspects like payment opportunities, eCommerce development skills, website’s aim and more. According to your needs, you can pick up WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop or anything else.

If you are good at blogging and want to build your business on content writing, WordPress will be perfect for you. It is the most popular blogging platform worldwide. The platform provides full control over the blog with opportunities to add features like forums and paid membership. It is an SEO-friendly platform with access to lots of free plugins allowing to improve the site with galleries or contact us forms. But if you are a business owner who strives to sell goods online worldwide, you need to pay attention to PrestaShop.

PrestaShop eCommerce Solution

What is PrestaShop? PrestaShop is an open-source eCommerce platform that started as a student project over a decade ago in France. Around 250,000 business owners use PrestaShop to run their online stores. It is free to download and use a solution. But if you decide to use the platform, remember that it requires payments for hosting and modules. You also need to be a tech-savvy developer to work with PrestaShop or hire an experienced development team to help you in building a successful eCommerce.

So, why do merchants choose PrestaShop? PrestaShop is great when you want to reach the global market. It is translated into over 70 languages giving an opportunity to sell worldwide. The platform is highly customizable and provides great functionality by lots of available themes and modules. It is perfect for any size and shape of business, whether you launch a startup and run a large-scale company. Using PrestaShop, you can manage several stores from one admin panel as well as enjoy features to optimize SEO, track products, receive stock alerts and more. Moreover, PrestaShop is a user-friendly and scalable solution that improves the customer experience of a website.

PrestaShop development is a good decision if you want to launch a profitable business. Using PrestaShop, you can create a functional website with a fascinating design to increase sales and empower your marketing. The solution provides lots of features necessary to develop a unique online store and reach the global market. With PrestaShop themes, modules, and integrations, you will be able to outperform competitors and win all your store’s visitors.

An experienced PrestaShop developer can create a custom online store to let it stand out among the competitors’ websites. Customization can help to go beyond the limitation. Enjoy custom delivery services, payment gateways, email, marketing, and others. Share the vision of your store’s functionality to developers and let them implement it. Custom development is the best way to be unique and show your customers that you care about them and their shopping experience.

What Does PrestaShop offer?

When it comes to eCommerce improvements, PrestaShop integrations pay a significant role. Trying to provide your customers with the best service, you always can integrate your online store with powerful solutions. If you need to change your management, you can integrate an ERP system to improve the way you run and control your business. To boost conversion rates winning customer loyalty, PrestaShop can be integrated with a CRM system, email tool, and social networks. When you need to improve your sales and reach new target audiences, you need marketplaces integration. You can also improve your shipping, warehousing, and payments with appropriate PrestaShop integrations.

The website’s functionality is essential but to attract potential customers it also should catch their eyes. The way your website looks is among the first that matters for visitors. It can’t be plain and simple in order not to disappoint the customers. You need to be creative if you want your website to work for you. The website will show you as a professional. When you have a unique and trending store, you prove that your products and store worth the time people spend there. PrestaShop is also good for that. The solution provides its users with lots of themes according to the type of business, including fashion, e-stuff, sports, goods for kids, art and others. Using PrestaShop for your online store, you can also create a custom theme design to make sure that your website is special. The custom theme tells the story of the brand. An unforgettable story guarantees that customers will come back for more.

If you want all these PrestaShop functions to work perfectly together, you need to be a tech-savvy developer with an eCommerce experience. Want your website to perform perfectly? Hire PrestaShop developer to be sure that your online store works correctly. You might work without a development team, but an online store is a long-lasting project that needs constant support. To concentrate on your business, you need an expert to be responsible for the platform. Why else do you need to hire a PrestaShop developer?

  • You don’t need to spend time looking for separated developers – a development team is always full and ready to work. But if necessary, you can change team members and add more. Moreover, you save your time and money since you don’t pay rent for the office, explain your business needs twice and enjoy a quick reaction to your issues and project changes.
  • You work with a dedicated team that means that developers work only for you and concentrate only on your project. That can guarantee that the project will be done perfectly. While you get a vast control over the project development and proper management as well as view tasks progress.
  • Working with the development team, you will be able to get all top-notch solutions for your website. All team members have vast eCommerce knowledge and keep improving their skills. They always know what solutions to offer and how to improve your project.


When you think about launching an online store, you meet lots of issues from choosing an eCommerce platform and management tools to hiring a dedicated team. Deciding to run your website on PrestaShop, you get a perfect solution that includes all the necessary tools and functions useful to build strong customer relations and reach target audiences. The best idea here is to hire a skillful PrestaShop developer able to create an excellent website. A good team can help you to stay different from the competitors and give you a chance to level them up in the eCommerce race. Hire the PrestaShop development team and let them use their skills and provide new ideas for your online store’s development.

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