reasons why newbie bloggers need an email list

5 Reasons Why Newbie Bloggers Need An Email List

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The first thing to do after publishing your very first blog post is to start growing your email list. Heck, it would be even better to set things up in advance and better be safe than sorry.

One thing is for sure, email marketing is still super effective all to this day. And this does not mean only selling products and services to your trustworthy readers. In fact, you should look at email marketing from a much bigger perspective.

You need to warm the territory first. Bring a ton of value to your subscribers, stay in touch with them and use an email newsletter as another medium to deliver quality content.

Sure, you can have the largest Facebook page, a massive following on Instagram and overall enormous following base across multiple social media platforms, however, when they decide to change the algorithm, your site traffic might drop significantly.

You better be aware of all the inconvenience that might happen and always be prepared for the unknown.

One of the best ways to always get the most out of your readers is to have your own list of newsletter subscribers. If you want to have complete control over your readers, this is it.


We compiled a list of five main reasons why you need an email list as a newbie blogger. In fact, any website owner needs to consider building their subscription list if they are not yet. Like, ASAP!

If you are in a hurry, you can jump right into it and start your email list now.

1. Stay in touch with your subscribers on a personal level

While you might think I will say selling and pushing products and services would be first on the list, well, that is not how you should approach your email campaigns. You cannot just think about bombarding them with all these offers and think they will convert. Chances are, they will unsubscribe and your email marketing campaigns will soon die.

Instead, get things moving forward slowly and steadily. Get to know your users and let them get to know you. Keep them informed about this and that, show them that you care and that a real human being is behind the blog. After all, you did not start your blog project just to earn money, right?

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And even before you actually start to sell them your product, you can offer them a freebie. But first, get the traction going and make them dying to get a new email from you and open it in an instant.

2. Helps you grow your traffic

Just imagine having a thousand subscribers. When you create a new compelling article and send it out to them, you can quickly gain a decent number of viewers to your site which can benefit you greatly. This can also trigger search engine giants like Google and tell them that you have something hot going on on your blog. Of course, there are other indicators that will tell Google how quality your page is, like bounce rate and time on site. However, if you are doing things the right way, the statistics will be fantastic and you can even witness a boost in SEO.

Moreover, compared to social media platforms, you do not really know how many views your will gain from a new post. It might go very well for some time but then Facebook or LinkedIn change something and it feels like you are starting all over again. Meanwhile, after you get the gist of it with your email campaigns, you can almost predict what the open- and click-through rates will be.

3. Building your product or service awareness

Once you start getting your readers used to receiving your compelling and enticing newsletters, you can put in the next gear. In other words, start spreading the awareness for your product and service. Get them familiar with what you were passionately working on over all this time on the side. If you have long-term plans, your blog might be only one part of your business model.

Let’s face it, everyone with a computer and a Wi-Fi connection can start a blog. On the other hand, creating a product or service is something that requires a lot of work and dedication.

With a blog and your consistency, you will, unaware, start building something much larger than just a medium for your must-read content. Whatever the product or service you plan to release to your audience, get the hype going in advance by releasing pieces of information about the big launch day.

However, you can also use newsletters for pushing tested and proven affiliate offers that you know your readers will benefit from.

4. You can deliver even more value to your readers

Needless to say, you can use your email list to deliver your subscribers even more value. You can even create entire articles exclusive for your subscribers. If they are not on the list, the will never see it. That said, encourage them on your page to sign up for all these special and secret bits of information they will not find anywhere else.

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Offering quality over quantity is also crucial. Do not submerge them with new emails every single day, heck, even every other day. Although you might test all sorts of frequencies to see what works best, you definitely should not be pushy, unless they signed up for new content every single day. That’s what we will cover in the next paragraph.

5. You can target different groups of users

Since not all subscribers are equal, you might want to create separate groups and craft your newsletters specifically for the group. For instance, they can sign up for daily, bi-weekly, weekly or monthly newsletters and then, you tailor an email according to their preferences. Also, if you are randomly sending out freebies, how-to’s or other-email-list-exclusive content, they can subscribe for that only as well. In short, the options are nearly endless! And if you happen that you also run an online store on your blog, you can bring segmentation to an entirely different level. But that’s something we might speak about in another article.

Would you like to kick off your first email campaign like a pro?

By now, you are probably questioning what service or software you need to get on with your email list the professional way. We highly suggest you use Constant Contact.

It is a very newbie-friendly platform that will guarantee you successfully executed email campaigns on a regular basis. You do not need any technical skills, programming nor design background to create cutting-edge newsletters that your readers will enjoy through the roof.

constant contact makes email marketing simple

With Constant Contact, you can easily import your email list and segment and organize the information to meet your expectations precisely. And after you finally send the email, you can track the open-rate of your newsletter and how many subscribers actually clicked through (on the links provided inside the email).

How much does it cost?

I knew you would ask this question. While Constant Contact offers two main plans to execute your email campaigns like a champ, each comes with a thirty-day free trial. This gives you more than enough time to start seeing some solid results for yourself. Anyhow, the Email plan starts at 18€/month and Email Plus at 40€/month.

Some additional features of the remarkable and super impressive Constant Contact software are unlimited emails, advanced tracking and reporting, marketing calendar, coupons, surveys, polls, and full eCommerce support. The list of features and assets goes on and on, giving you the freedom you deserve with your email marketing campaigns.

One thing is for sure, if you would like to get the most out of your email list, you definitely need to use Constant Contact. It is effortless to use service that will get your start with email marketing and succeed.

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