Wondering How To Make Your WordPress Website Perfect? Update It!

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You are probably wondering, “update what?”

When everything is working well and you do not want to update because you risk losing some of your very important data, think again. This is definitely not new to you, especially you who have a WordPress site.

Besides the normal features that get regular updates automatically, WordPress websites may need you to get a lot more things updated. There are many reasons as to why you may not be in a hurry to update. It could be;

  • You probably fear that the change might cause the interface to appear totally different from how it was before the update.
  • You may fear for the efficiency of the interface, it may not work how the users had gotten used to it working before.
  • You could also be simply ignoring the regular warnings that keep reminding you to get your WordPress website updated.

Truth is, there is need for you to update.

Updates are very important for many reasons. Check out some.

1. Security purposes

You surely are aware that websites get attacked by hackers 24/7! Be sure to download updates as soon as they come so as to keep your security in check. You do not want hackers sending unintended spam messages to the users of your interface. This could cause you trouble.

You have definitely heard of cases where messages are being sent to your friends list yet you were not aware.

Hackers simply vandalize your WordPress website!

Website hacking can actually get really bad when all your users are made to visit a whole other site that they did not intend to.

No matter how small or unknown your WordPress website is, ensure you have it fully secure from hackers. It is just as much a target like any other.

2. Attract users

You may not know it but probably your users are tired of seeing the same old interface!

Probably they want to see something new on that interface, some change maybe. It is important that you present to your users more exciting and fresh looking interface after a period of time. I mean it reaches a point where you feel you need to be out with old and in with new!

3. Change is good.

Updating your WordPress website will bring along many other changes. Well, they might not be as many, but yes there will be some change. New features! In as much as this may need some adjusting and getting used to, change is good.

You need to know that websites that are out of date are capable of making your clients/users stop visiting your website.

Updates are normally for the better working of the interface. The change brought along makes it more convenient for the users to interact with your website.

Imagine an interface in a website where nothing has changed since the day the website was created. There are definitely new and better ideas that could improve its workability.

4. You will update anyway!

The trick about updates is that you are better of updating as soon as they show up. Waiting for a necessity to arise then you update is not a good idea.

Take an example of a mobile application, the kind that needs regular updates. If you fail to update it, it will work anyway but only for a period of time until it becomes obsolete. In this case, updating will cost you more because your application will be several versions behind.

The same applies to website updates. Especially if it is a really big website, the cost incurred will be way more. It will not only cost you money, but also time and a lot of worrying hoping that nothing changes on the interface or no information is lost in the process.

You do not want this happening to you!

5. Up to date

Updates ensure that your website is simply up to date.

With the current changing technology, you can be sure discoveries are being made on a daily basis, mainly to improve the ease of use for the users. You do not want to be left behind with the current changes taking place in the technology field. You can have a WordPress website where people can not only write comments but also share documents. This can be just as good!

Compare updating your website to visiting your doctor as soon as you get symptoms for a certain illness, or to a vehicle, how you can take it to the garage for diagnosis or servicing as soon as the given time runs out.

Your WordPress website could be working well at the moment, no updates required to be made. As soon as an update is required to be made, be sure to do it immediately. Waiting for the need to get the update will do your WordPress site no good.

Remember, updating you WordPress website is always a click away!



Nelson Viloria is the founder of a New York SEO Services consultancy. He is also a freelance marketer, marketer, motivational speaker, and writer with over 18 years experience in digital marketing. He currently resides in Chicago with family.

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