Zipcodebase – A Flexible Zip Code API

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When it comes to calculating distances, zip code lookups and heaps more, Zipcodebase is the friendly API the does the trick. It is a sophisticated and powerful solution for an array of different intentions.

What’s best? You can start using it entirely free of charge. But more on that later.

Instead of undergoing the tedious task of coding with zip codes from scratch, utilize an API that does the heavy lifting instead of you.

First, let’s talk about what Zipcodebase can do for you and your business/project.

Pretty much anything zip code-related, that’s what this API takes care of. For instance, you can use the tool to discover all the zip codes within a certain radius.

Many practical zip code-related features

Moreover, it can also display all the zip codes by city or by state. Another cool feature is the ability to calculate distances between two or more zip codes.

Tons of handy goodies that will do you well, saving you plenty of time and effort.

Bear in mind, whether you plan to profit from all the features or focus on one primarily, Zipcodebase has documentation for that. With this, you can feel comfortable that the integration of the API will go smoothly.

Furthermore, it supports over one hundred countries, worldwide data a very generous free plan.

Where will you see this API in use?

It can work on any type of page really, for instance, on eCommerce sites, as well as pretty much any web form where you get to fill out your information.

Free plan is a great start

Okay, now let’s increase the hype with the amazing plans and packages that Zipcodebase sports.

There are five “out of the box” plans, along with the custom option.

For the free plan, Zipcodebase offers ten thousand monthly requests, email support, commercial use and HTTPS encryption.

Let’s face it, this is already pretty decent, and you can use the free plan for as long as you want. But when you outgrow it, the migration to a higher plan is flawless.

Feel free to get the gist of it first, see if it meets your needs and expectations and go from there. Only later, you can invest a chunk of your budget into taking things to the next level with Zipcodebase.

Other plans

Small: For the price of $75 per month, the Small plan supports up to 200k monthly requests, HTTPS encryption and concierge onboarding. Instead of one concurrent request like with the Free plan, this one comes with three.

Medium: This is Zipcodebase’s most popular plan, coming at a $240 monthly cost, 1.9 million monthly requests and all the rest that the Small plan has to offer. Plus, five concurrent requests.

Large: The price gap between the Medium and the Large plan is pretty big, but it’s the features that come with, and that’s why $800/month makes it worth it. With 10 million monthly requests and ten concurrent requests, the Large plan already supports quite large applications.

Very Large: From $800 per month with jump straight to $2000 and the powerful Very Large plan. It is four times bigger when it comes to monthly requests and two times the size of the Large plan when speaking about concurrent requests.

Custom: If none of the above fit your needs, there is always the Custom plan, which you can tailor to your needs precisely. To activate this plan, you need to get in touch with Zipcodebase’s team, and they will create a tailor-made package just for you.

This just shows that the tool is for any size of project, organization or business.

Moreover, in case you have any additional questions and concerns, you can always reach out to the friendly support team and they will be happy to assist you accordingly.

However, for someone who plans to work with zip codes, using Zipcodebase will be a little breeze. Go with the plan that suits your project best, get the API key and you are on your way to successfully integrate the zip codes feature.

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