10 Incredibly effective free Drupal themes you’ll love to choose

Drupal has surpassed the expectations of a majority of website owners residing in different corners of the world. While WordPress may be one of the most popular content management systems, Drupal has been embraced by web developers for developing websites that can stand out from the crowd. Having grown and matured over the years, Drupal is seen as the first choice when it comes to developing a website that has power, stability and performance. Although a while ago, it might have been cumbersome to find an attractive free Drupal theme, today, the scenario has changed completely. In this post, I’ll be taking you through a collection of 10 top-quality free Drupal themes that’ll aid you in sky-rocketing the visual feel and functionality of your existing online portal. So, let’s jump straight to these free Drupal themes.



Drupal Theme No.1-Bluez

Bluez is an amazing Drupal theme tailor-made for business-oriented websites. The simple and clean design of this theme makes it a perfect fit for websites that need to look professional in all ways. You can choose to customize the color scheme, slideshow and social icons included within this Drupal theme.


Day Care

Drupal Theme No.2-Daycare

Daycare is a fully responsive Drupal theme specially designed for websites catering to children. Features such as configurable header images, multiple color schemes, a multicolumn layout and an elegant Syntactically Awesome Stylesheet(Sass) based grid system make Daycare a perfect match for children’s websites that require frequent moderations in terms of looks and functionality.


Responsive Green

Drupal Theme No.3-Responsive Green

Responsive Green is a professional Drupal theme that is best suited for business websites. Some of the remarkable features of this theme include custom social links, a responsive slideshow, three-column footer and Google Web Fonts. Responsive Green is a lightweight theme that makes room for faster loading of websites.


Day and Night

Drupal Theme No.4- Day and Night

Day and Night is yet another brilliant responsive design that uses the Zen base theme. Features such as tile layout, clean drop down menu and support for Sassy Cascading Style Sheers(Scass) and Sass make it a great choice for powering events websites and personal/corporate blogs.



Drupal Theme No.5-Hatch

Hatch is a tailor-made theme forwebsites belonging to photographers, designers, illustrators and everyone who wants to showcase his/her portfolio in a refined manner. This Drupal theme is based on the 960 Grid System and comes with an automatic thumbnail view on the home page to display all your latest designs and articles.



Drupal Theme No.6-Likable

Likable is a professional and elegant Drupal theme that works best for an online magazine or blog. This theme comes equipped with a slideshow containing recent posts.Other impressive features of this Drupal theme include multi-level dropdown menus, several block regions, custom logo, multiple columns and many more.


Corked Screwer

Drupal Theme No.7- Corked Screwer

Belonging to the elite group of the most beautiful Drupal themes, Corked Screwer comes with a fully responsive design. The slideshow and multi-column layouts available with this theme make it a perfect match for people who want to show off their work in a mind-boggling manner.



Drupal Theme No.8-Andromeda

Andromeda is a sleek Drupal theme with minimalist design. Equipped with a dropdown menu and a slideshow, this theme has everything that is required for enhancing the overall visual appearance and functionality of a freelancer website or a site belonging to a start-up.



Drupal Theme No.9-Touchpro

Initially available as a paid Drupal theme, Touchpro now comes for free. This is a simple theme that’s loaded with features including a two-column layout,  fully responsive design and a slider. Touchpro is a custom-built Drupal theme for online magazine websites and blogging sites.


Blue Masters

Drupal Theme No.10- Blue Masters

Blue Masters is a great Drupal theme that works wonders for websites belonging to freelancers and small businesses. The responsive layout of this theme makes it load perfectly on a variety of devices with varying screen dimensions. Moreover, it comes with Superfish module support as well.



So, these were 10 remarkable free Drupal themes available for all individuals who own a Drupal powered website/e-store or blog. With these handy themes, you can easily improvise the appearance and functioning of your website to sustain a unique position over the web.

If you know of a free Drupal theme that hasn’t been covered above, do consider sharing its details using the comments box below. Also, don’t forget to drop in your views/opinions on the above post.


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