Best CMS Platforms to choose from

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Looking for the best CMS platforms to choose from? You may want to consider your options of going with the top content management systems based on user reviews.  To name just a few, we have OsCommerce, WordPress, Magento, and Drupal. There are actually, hundreds of platforms to choose from but selecting the easiest platform will save you time when it comes to expanding your business.


Online store owners are constantly looking for ways to simplify their website. Having an HTML based site is probably the worst thing you can do when it comes to Ecommerce. Hundreds of products mean you have to create hundreds of pages, hand by hand, editing the same code.  Luckily, we have listed a the top CMS platforms to choose from below:

OsCommerce – This lovely platform is great if you are advanced in content management systems. However, if you have no clue with what you are doing, it’s a good idea that you hire someone. They have many plug-ins to expand your website. On top of that, this platform is free.

Cre Loaded – Maybe you are just learning about running an online store, and need something very simple. With Cre Loaded, practically anyone can use this content system. It is not as advanced as OsCommerce, so there’s no need to worry about adjusting your website based on the platform. However, this is not a free content system. If you just wish to try it out, you can download the trial version and decide if you want to upgrade.


Having your own hobby site, or blogging website is definitely a great way to pass time. If you love to write, or enjoy posting pictures online, you will definitely need a simple CMS for your personal sites.  Here are a few that you might like to try:

Drupal – Drupal takes some time to learn but once you become an expert at it, there are tons of features to use. By default, it already includes a blog, gallery, and even a pressroom. We absolutely love the fact that everything is organized in a hierarchy system as well.

WordPress – This is by far, the most popular CMS system ever. With WordPress, you can quickly upload themes, choosing from hundreds of templates. Some of these cater to personal sites with niches like animals, cooking, and finance. Also, there are over 2,000 plugins to choose from – so there is a lot you can do when it comes to customizing your personal website.

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