INFOGRAPHIC: 15 Important Facts about WannaCry RansomWare

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This year was not very good for those who kept delaying a software update. Unless you live under a rock, you’d know that global citizens were severely affected by the WannaCry ransomware attack this year. Hospitals, offices, banks, individual computers and hundreds of other systems were hijacked by this worm and the attackers demanded a ransom to restore the system.

According to TechRepublic, Ransomware is the fastest growing form of cyber attack. It’s easy for hackers to deploy, there are myriad ways to become infected, and it forces victims to pay perpetrators in Bitcoin, prepaid credit cards, and other untraceable, electronic forms of money.

WannaCry posed a strong message to the world regarding ransomware: your system is not safe with one password. We have compiled some important facts and figures related to this global attack, so you can have an idea of the severity of this attack on the systems worldwide. And for all of those who have our WordPress Themes, do not forget to update WordPress installation, your WordPress Theme and all the plugins you are using.


Infographic: 15 Important Facts about WannaCry RansomWare

Why would an attacker want to encrypt your system? The answer is: why would they not? As we keep uploading new data onto our systems, part of it keeps becoming more and more vulnerable to an attack. It can be malicious intent, political motive, data breach intent or even for fun – your system is not going to be secure if you don’t take active steps to ensure its protection.

Most importantly, follow up on your system status with your IT service provider so that you know how your data is being handled. The last thing you would want is to have sensitive data in the hands of a cyber miscreant who has nothing but the ill intent in using it. If you don’t install necessary patches or ignore the software updates for your device, you are still vulnerable to an attack in the near future.

Image Source: Utgsolutions

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