20 Design Elements To Craft a Perfect Blog 2020

Ever found yourself looking for stock photos online with zero results? Or maybe, you once needed artistic Photoshop brushes and patterns? If you’re a professional web designer, advertiser, or blogger, you often need to have quality resources with graphic elements, inspirational designs, and social media templates in one place.

In this respect, this collection of the graphic elements for a blog is literally a magic box holding a zillion of high-quality resources created by professionals working in design. At that, the pricing policies are so affordable, one can purchase these designs having a very limited budget.

While there are tons of creative ways to use graphics for blog, there are some that are more essential to your success than others. Customized images, logos, photos, mockups, banners, and social media templates can serve many purposes in efficient ways, and the importance of using them can’t be understated. With their help branding, titling and promotion doesn’t need to be overly complicated. To lessen your overwhelm, let’s break things down to the absolute must-have graphic design elements for your blog. Once you use them, you can be sure that your website is looking very attractive.

Starting your blog

There are lots of ways to make your site look delightful. You can experiment with fonts, choose different forms, make your logo flat or multidimensional, use bold and vintage typography, etc. In this article, you will find versatile graphics resources for every taste and need. Photoshop brushes and actions, vector illustrations, social media graphics are just a small part of what can be found here!

These graphic design elements are the must-haves for your blog. Taking the time to develop these assets will put you on par to joining the ranks of other successful bloggers and give you confidence in your professionalism.

In this guide, I have collected 20 best bundles from a credible provider of ready-made web solutions.

You can find icon sets, magnificent fonts, overlays, and impressive graphic design free templates that will fit a variety of styles and cover the needs of all businesses representatives.

The coolest thing is all the resources come in the bundles, that make it possible to put versatile items into a single package. So, you’re saving hundreds of dollars you could have spent on a standalone resource you might never reuse in your entire career! How about that? Take a look at the selection of 20 Graphics Bundles for designers and bloggers.

Overlays Bundles

Photoshop overlays are maybe the most popular way for adding the desired effect to your photos. They are non-destructive and you can remove them from your photo if you don’t like the way the image looks. With a little knowledge of Photoshop, you can make your photos look exactly the way you imagined.

Pattern overlays are used when you want to add a pattern on a certain layer. They are usually used in combination with other overlays to create an in-depth style or look. Patterns on their own do not give you a lot of freedom to change their effects. They have an on-and-off type of effect and they can’t be drastically changed. So now I want to show you the OVERLAYS Bundle.

Overlays Bundle’s features:



It contains many romantic photos, Christmas premium overlays, optical flare overlays, film burn and grain overlay effects, realistic smoke overlays, rain overlay effects, underwater Photoshop effects, night sky overlays, and much more.

They are all compatible with any software that allows you to work with layers like Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, Sketch, etc. These overlays are available in HD resolutions at 300DPI and are very easy to use. Simply open the photo you want to add them to, insert the overlay, adjust the size and position, and you’re done.

You can add the amazing starburst, rain, sun flares, snow effects, among many other effects available and you have more than you need at your disposal.

In addition, this awesome OVERLAYS Bundle has free updates. You will receive a notification every time a new pack of overlays will be added to bundle and you can download it absolutely for free.

Website Fonts

The next crucial graphic element that you need is a font. But choosing the right font for the online projects can often be daunting. A good typeface will be powerful enough to bring your message across while giving off a lasting impression on viewers. Meanwhile, the wrong typeface could leave audience thinking you have poor taste.

As a blogger, it’s crucial to leverage typography for both communication and impact. Similar to photos, fonts can be used to evoke emotions.

It’s not easy to find the great fonts. And I’ve chosen the most interesting, so you can easily check them all and download easily. The first font I want to show you is the BigBOBY Font.

BigBOBY Font’s features:



Designing for children can be a lot of fun. You’ll get to play with a lot of whimsical elements that are otherwise out of bounds on more ‘serious’ projects. In other words, the scope for opening up your mind to some more informal possibilities is high. Kids fonts are a quick, great way of livening things up.

BigBOBY Font manages to be both fun and classical at the same time. It’s cursive, which does impact readability a little, but used prominently it can easily meet your needs.

Given the above, we’d say large, prominent, and impactful text will benefit the most from this font. It could even be used on more formal websites, although you may not want to stray far from its ‘fantasy-esque’ leanings.

Designing for children provides its own set of challenges compared to adult-focused designs. However, there’s also a great opportunity to have some fun and let your imagination run wild, which is something more ‘grown-up’ projects often don’t afford. Next Joscelynn Rounded Font is a great option to make your blog stylish.

Joscelynn Rounded Font in details:



Rounded typefaces have rounded corners and/or terminals. Their softness tends to make them feel friendly and inviting. Sans-serif fonts usually come to mind when you think of rounded fonts, but there are rounded serif typefaces as well. Rounded fonts are often found on food packaging and content aimed at children.

There is something undoubtedly catchy about the rounded fonts for logos, something that soothes the eye. Use the best of rounded corner fonts to make your designs stand out. Thanks to its wide aesthetics, you’ll be sure to quickly catch some attention to your design.

This font will be great for cartoons, illustrations, logos, business cards, flyers, brochures etc. Joscelynn Rounded Font looks beautiful at all sizes. There are many industries that is suitable for this font: school, education, games, cleaning, entertainment etc.

This font is accessible in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, even work on Microsoft Word.

Halimun Script Style Creative Font



Take a look at the next amazing and authentic Halimun Script Style Creative Font. Script fonts are beautiful typefaces that resemble handwritten and calligraphic lettering styles. They can either be formal where they’ll appear elegant or informal where they’ll appear more playful.

Such fonts are more artistic than the average font, often using a script style to emulate the look of handwriting. But as generic as this may sound, there are dozens of calligraphy styles you can choose from. A modern, monoline typeface that is clean and unpretentious making it great for any feminine or masculine design purposes.

Halimun Script Style Creative Font is ideal for crafting business cards, letterheads, and many other professional and branding designs. This font features short ascenders and descenders, and is nice and legible, making it perfect for all manner of design projects. It also includes a number of alternates and international characters, for easy mixing and matching to achieve exactly the look you want.

Script font to make your blog stand out



Also brush fonts are a great way to give your lettering that handmade touch, and that’s exactly what you get with Rusted Brushpen Script font. This font includes a full set of uppercase and lowercase letters, plus a large range of punctuation and numerals.

Distorted and irregular, yet beautifully imperfect. Every individual character is unique and painstakingly handmade. Vintage in style yet seamlessly blends in with the modern. Brush-style typography has been forgotten for quite a long time, but as happens with all design trends, is currently enjoying a revival in popularity.

Even though this font packs plenty of humour, it doesn’t appear childish. This means that it’s suitable for a variety of branding and marketing purposes. This Rusted Brushpen Script font has calligraphic look with smooth curves and edges. It is a right choice for designers who want to show elegance with bolder look. This stylish brush font has a bold line with personality to add to your creations. Rusted Brushpen Script font is available in two formats including OTF and TTF.

Furthermore one cool bonus is waiting for you there. And it’s a stylish illustration of scooter, that will add playfulness and fun to your web page.

Batik India Color OTF Font to share a spring mood



The next font is a true piece of art. This Batik India Color OTF Font is really amazing. You will love its colors and creativity.

Batik India Color font is a fascinating art form and craft that involves dying fabric in specific ways to create unique patterns. How does that apply to your digital life? Well let’s take a moment to tell you how it came to be, then we’ll dig deeper with a few examples.

Batik font is very flexible. You can use it as a background for a product picture on a website, or as part of a collage for an art piece.

Each letter is detailed with intricate patterns that look good in small scale as well as large, adding a vibrant look to your typography. It even comes with cool black and white vector patterns. With this font you can easily create short texts for headlines, posters or whatever. Or simply stack few characters to create some random art. Varied colors, letter shapes and all the motifs that make up each character give Batic India font a whimsical and playful feel.

Templates for Infographics

With millions of articles being published each day, bloggers need to be extra creative. A modest budget will help you to launch display ad or video marketing campaigns. But for cash-strapped bloggers, investing in visual content like infographics can be the best step forward.

Designing an infographic is just like designing a website. It starts with a concept, goals and even a wireframe.

Infographics give you a way to represent information in a graphic format, designed to make it more understandable, relatable, and engaging. But they can be tricky to make. Infographics often require icons, schemes, progress elements, charts, timelines, maps, different arrows, graphs and much more.

Infographic Elements Volume 1 Infographic Elements features:



Here is an Infographic Elements Volume 1 Infographic Elements bundle to help you make the most of your infographic design. You can use this infographic template to visualize your data in different ways such as: presentations, data visualization posters, custom infographics, business reports, brochures, business cards, flyers, magazines etc.

It includes fully scalable vectors, compatible with Adobe Illustrator or any other vector editor (EPS), editable colors, text, font, stroke weight, transparency, layout, background and sizes, resizable resolution, all objects are layered and neatly organized. Colors are organized for easy changes in the color palette panel.

All charts are created using layered vector shapes and editable text, so that you can customize every aspect of this Photoshop template.

Biggest Bundle of Vector Infographic Elements features:



Also Infographics are a great way to convey a complex message in a simple way, so look at the next Biggest Bundle of Vector Infographic Elements. It includes a collection of 35+ stunning vector elements and templates to get you started quickly. Each of these contains dozens of infographic elements that you can combine and use in different ways to display data, and it’s much quicker than making everything yourself from scratch.

This collection of infographics elements features minimal and professional designs that make them most suitable for business and corporate slideshow designs. It includes many useful infographics including graphs, profiles, flow charts, and more. The templates in this pack are available in AI CS5 and EPS formats. You can make 5 of individual infographics from this one pack. Files are editable and can be filled in with your own information.

Media UI Kit Bundle



Without doubt, most bloggers want to grow their audience. A great way to do that is by getting coverage in press outlets or collaborating with brands, but it can be hard to figure out just how to get word out to the right people.

In order to gain more exposure for your blog, it can be helpful to send out a media kit. Media kits are documents that give helpful information and statistics about the blog and help journalists and brands understand more about who you are, what you do and who you appeal to. You may send a media kit to a journalist directly or send it to a brand, where a marketing or PR representative will field it.

If you want to make a media kit for yourself, you will need to include the following information about your blog: a bio, contact info, graphics, statistics, previous work, ideas about collaborating, testimonials.

And I’ll provide you with a great option to save your time. Check out the CANVA Bloggers Media Kit UI Elements. It is a minimalist and stylish UI kit that you can use to design a wide array of apps, including the ones for blogging. It includes 7 categories: Ecommerce, Blog/Magazine, Headers, Media, Navigation, Forms, and Style guide. All components are flexible and available in Sketch & Photoshop formats.

Style UI Tile Bundle



The next must have graphic design element is a style tile. Style tiles establish a direct connection with actual interface elements without defining layout. They work well for clients who have established brands and need them to translate smoothly to the web. Style-tiles really help to get a feeling of the branding without having to design multiple pages or templates in the starting phase of the project.

Supercharge your workflow with this awesome Pixelbuddha UI Tiles UI Elements bundle containing hundreds of modern UI elements, responsive layouts, web UI components, and templates for websites. This style tile is a design deliverable that references website interface elements through font, color, and style collections delivered alongside a site map, wireframes, and other user experience artifacts. Pixelbuddha UI Tiles bundle will expedite project timelines, involve stakeholders in the brainstorming process.

You will get website flowcharts, a UI Kit for websites & mobile UI kits for iOS. It is fully layered, scalable and editable. Pixelbuddha UI Tiles UI Elements has a vector based format (PSD, AI, Sketch). It’s design is ideal for web and mobile apps.

Icon Packs

Let’s go further in discovering the main graphic elements for successful website. Icons are very important in websites as they are used to make them look complete. Their purpose is to guide the users and provide useful information to them.

If you are a creative designer, you can create custom icons for yourself. However, using icon sets that are pre-designed by expert designers is always a good option. A lot of talented graphic designers share their icon sets with other designers so that everyone can utilize them.

Space Iconset Template’s features:



The typeface that I want to start you is the Space Iconset Template. Space has always attracted people. Traditionally, everything unknown is perceived by us as something wonderful and marvelous. Space inspires us, kindles our interest, encourages our imagination to the research. And also, it definitely contributes to our creativity. Space, along with advanced technologies, seems to be something futuristic.

In web design, space is a perfect attention-getter. Being an infinite source of inspiration for scientists, artists, and all dreamers, it can also captivate your website visitors.

Moreover, they provide visitors with an exciting user experience that, sometimes, lies far beyond our imagination. So we can say that nowadays, futuristic designs are more than just appealing images, due to their feature-rich structure.

Welcome on board of the 30 Space Iconset Template. Take an advantage of 30 outline icons of astronaut, UFO, rocket, planet, space suit, planets, rover, satellites, etc.

Choose this Space Iconset Template to bring your project to a new level of self-representing. It’s also very suitable for an educational purpose. This theme is designed in catchy tones of violet and purple. Using it you can work with varied outline icons. There are concepts of astronaut, rover, spaceship, planet, space suit, satellites, rockets, etc.

Becris – Premium Line Iconset Template’s features:



The Becris – Premium Line Iconset Template has every website icon you can imagine – all perfectly scalable, in the vector format, with multiple varieties to fit your every project. Hundreds icons in 55+ topics are bundled together in this set – ideally suited for any website, mobile app, web application, or wireframe creation. They’re very professional. Very modern. And very handy to have at your fingertips – all in one bundle!

Icons can unarguably be called as one of the most crucial elements of graphical user interface. These icons aid you in communicating a vast range of things, all with the use of a single image. However, that said, the entire process of developing as well as designing an icon can be quite taxing and cumbersome. This line icon is handcrafted for all kinds of modern user interfaces of Android, Web, Desktop App and iOS projects. Line Iconset can definitely be called as a comprehensive yet the simplest free icon pack that is available on the web today.

It is loaded with hundreds essential icons that come from 55 distinct categories and covers almost every icon you might need for all-inclusive app design and development or web project. In addition to that, it is bundled in two diverse packages – SVG line icons or files and Web Fonts in a scalable format so that you can use it according to your unique requirements. It also offers – Free CDN, clear documentation and starter templates to make it easier to get started.

Line Iconset Template’s features:



Line Iconset Template is a well-crafted icon set dedicated to match your exquisite designs. Every single detail in each icon was carefully tuned to present minimalism and elegance. Line Iconset template provides the most essential icons for your app, web and graphic design.

A hugely important part of the contemporary “less-is-more” style is the use of icons. I love the simplicity of outline icons, so check out the Line Iconset Template to help you create your best designs yet.

This template is a well-crafted icon set dedicated to match your exquisite designs. Every single detail in each icon was carefully tuned to present minimalism and elegance. The minimalist line style is very common and so it’s worth trying – regardless of what project you’re building. And contemporary design trends favor minimalist, eye-pleasing simplicity in lieu of the flash graphics and bouncing 3D buttons of the past. The icons are available in many different formats such as AI, Sketch, EPS, PNG, PSD.

Tonicons – 2000 Vector Icons Iconset Template’s features:



Simple icon designs work like in this Tonicons – 2000 Vector Icons Iconset Template is a very efficient and effective tool to demonstrate the information without the use of words. Icon designs that are simple in form can truly be great means and mediums of visual communication.

With more than 2,000 universal pixel-perfect, high quality and royalty-free vector icons, Tonicons is the one and the only bundle that any designer will need. This awesome bundle includes 5 different royalty free icon set. You’ll have flat icons, long shadow icons, solid icons, button style icon graphics and outline icons all in one in this gigantic collection.

This huge bundle gets you a well-designed, well-layered over 2,000 high-quality, professional royalty free icons to use on your latest project. The bundle gets you the PSD, EPS, SVG and PNG files for all these high-quality icon sets. So, you can easily customize them, change up the size, colors or any other details easily. It is a css ready web icon font that works perfectly and easy to use for your apps or web projects. The bundle includes a number of preset popular sizes. PNG files for all flat, long shadow, solid and outline icons come in 7 sizes.

Emotions vector vol.2 Iconset Template’s features:



And now it will be great to add some emotions to the website. Our world is gradually becoming a virtual place. Even things like emotions are expressed through virtual emotion icons through chat messengers. Have a look at the Emotions vector vol.2 Iconset Template. These extensive and fun ranges of emotion icons are perfect for those looking to be expressive in there chat messages.

You will get a versatile gallery of flat smile emoticon icons here. Emotions vector vol.2 Iconset Template is one to show your visitors when you are overjoyed, when you are in pain, when you are feeling naughty or for sunny glorious day etc. You will find happy faces, sad faces, embarrassed faces, angry faces, shocked faces, manipulative faces… the list is endless.

12 emotions vector icons in simple flat style. These icons are perfect for your sites, applications, or infographic. All icons in the vector, and you can easily change the color and size.


Designing a blog that can boost your traffic isn’t that hard. All you have to do is follow the steps above. If you do, you should see an increase in traffic.

If you don’t have time to make all of the adjustments above, start with installing a scrolling social plugin and threaded comments. Those two simple changes will increase your social media traffic and search traffic in the long run.

But if you implement the templates and bundles provided in this post, you’ll see an increase in your readership.Trust me, it works. I’ve tested a lot of these design elements, and the tweaks helped me grow my readership.

I have tried to combine the most unique and trendy solutions that would help you with the branding issues. Please, make sure you pick the bundles with the graphic design elements that fits best to your blog.

In my opinion, this is one of the most impressive and ultimate lists of the templates. These affordable collections will help you create the website of your dreams. All of the overlays, icon sets, images, and fonts are easy to use. And they will transform your blog into magical works of art and favorite online place for your visitors in just seconds.

We really appreciate you for visiting PremiumCoding and reading this article! Now you might also want to check out our Themes here.