20 Social Media Marketing Tips To Enhance Your Business

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In this social networking era, using social media for business marketing is becoming a common practice. Not only for many big but for every small brand it is imperative to have social media presence. It not only helps to catch potential customers but building a brand’s loyalty, increasing website traffic and capturing right audience for an online business.

The only presence on social media Dubai platforms does not promise success but you need to keep in mind following tips to enhance your business, while performing any activity.


Analyze The Effectiveness

Start by analyzing the effectiveness of each social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others. You can do so by creating landing pages for different campaigns and then knowing which works best for different social media.


Use All Available Social Media Marketing Sites

Don’t ignore any small social media marketing site. Try your best to use all available networking sites to increase your business. some of the sites have your best suited target audience that are reached by catching them on all platforms.


Use Mobile For Marketing

Nowadays, people use their mobile devices at places like restaurants, café, hospitals etc. therefore, keep using mobile based social media platforms like instagram. A number of blogs today are browsed at mobile.


Spend Quality Time

Make a schedule to spend quality time at social media sites, for not just interacting but to keep abreast of latest trends and to know what people like about these sites.


Attract More Fans

Create a strong fan base to get biggest benefits of social media marketing. Such fans help to get more loyal fans who may turn into long-term clients.


Use Multiple Networks

Make your activity on all social media networks, especially at big three: Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Get your audience engaged at Pinterest, and You Tube as well.


Spending Time On Top Social Media Sites

Top social media sites provide you latest information that what people are liking most and what influences them. It also helps to learn about competitors and other marketers.


Balance Marketing Activity

Make a balance in your social media marketing activity, spend equal time on all social media networks so that followers know that they are following the same trend.


Post Photos & Videos

Keep posting photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram, You Tube and Google +. People like to see and share photos and videos as they attract them most.


Pay For Advertisements

Getting paid advertisements at top social networking sites like Facebook gets more visitors to your site. It is the best way to target your audience as well.


Use Quality Content

Using quality content, blogs, reports and other posts attract readers to visit your social media poages regularly. It helps to build trust with them.


Adding Call To Action

One of the best social media marketing tip is to add some call to action words such as share the post, like the page, make a phone call etc. it will incite readers to do some activity whenever they visit the page.


Sharing Content Frequently

Keep sharing blogs and articles other than images and videos. It keeps your fans informed about your brand and company. It also develops a bonding with them so that they keep visiting your page whenever they are looking for any latest information.


Testing On Social Networks

Keep testing more than two titles for the same blog at different social media networks to know which heading works best for that blog. You can then post that heading to catch more readers.


Content Reframing

Reframe your content according to what audience likes to read about. Make a post with slightly reframed content but not repeating the same content. It will interest the readers more.


A Full Time Social Media Manager

Hire a full time social media manager with in your budget who keeps managing all social media sites with regular posts. An experienced manager will take not much time for social media markting as he knows the trends.


Avoid Selling

Do not advertise your products to sale directly. Don’t use social media networking sites for direct sales, however, social media sites are about selling your products or services but make it indirectly or treat it any other way.


Encourage Sharing

Encourage sharing of your posts to get more fans. A good social media activity attracts fans to share it on their personal pages or to retweet that increases traffic to an online business.


Make A Proper Profile

Make your company presentable by filling each and every section of your social media profile. Fill information about your company to let people know more about your business.


Entertain, Inform & Educate

Social media marketing is not done for entertaining but to inform and educating your fans. Keep that factor in mind.


Social media is getting popularity all across the globe. With increased users, social media Dubai is being used to connect with UAE clients. eTek Studio also offers social media marketing Dubai to build a brands image and get more traffic to a website.

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