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6 Reasons To Install Jetpack Plugins For WordPress

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Brought to you by Automattic, Jetpack for WordPress is a collection of plugins designed to make all the functionality of hosted sites at WordPress available to self-hosted WP sites.

Although Jetpack is a collection of useful plugins, many site owners are reluctant to install it, given the size and format of it. However, in this article, we’ll talk about the great things about Jetpack, which might change people’s minds, once they read through the 6 important reasons why Jetpack should be installed on your self-hosted WordPress site today:

1. Easy Install And Setup

“Any like any WordPress plugin, Jetpack is easy to install and setup,” says Jennifer McKeown, a tech writer at Writinity and Last minute writing. “Just go to the ‘Plugins’ option in your admin Dashboard, select the ‘Add new’ option, and then search for ‘Jetpack.’ That plugin should appear at the top of the search results. Then, click ‘Install now,’ and activate the plugin when it’s installed.”

Just keep in mind that you’ll need a WordPress account to use Jetpack, even if you don’t have a WP-hosted blog. And, once Jetpack is installed and activated, you will be asked to connect your self-hosted blog to your account.

All in all, Jetpack is easy to use, since everything is laid out in a clear, easy-to-understand format,” adds McKeown, “and it lets you select which services you want, and ones you don’t want.”

2. Importance Of Privacy

Like other websites (especially blog-hosting sites), there is always a privacy policy page. However, privacy policy tends to be ignored. Why?

Consider the following factors:

  • Data processing/server location(s)
  • Retention and deletion periods
  • Persons who have access to site data
  • Right to be forgotten

Most times, it’s unclear which data will be transferred and processed, and where and for how long. Even the “right to be forgotten” factor can be a red flag, as if to say that a site-hosting site may not be responsible for processing or deleting information without notice.

Therefore, Jetpack lets you keep in mind the importance of privacy by updating you on any changes and updates to the privacy policy.

3. Increased Loading Speeds

Faster loading speeds is crucial, because of the following:

  • Your site will load faster.
  • It positively impacts your search engine optimization (SEO).
  • It reduces your bounce rate, meaning that users are more apt to stay on your site.

With Photon – which displays your images through WordPress’ dedicated Content Delivery Network (CDN) – load times are faster. And, it’s free!

4. Prevents Brute Force Attacks

WordPress, by far, has been vulnerable numerous times, especially since it’s been attacked 25% more often than any other CMS in the world. Therefore, it’s important to protect your WordPress website from security threats.

The good news is, Jetpack’s Protect feature bolsters your website’s defensive perimeter by identifying and blocking malicious IP addresses, and even track and block repeated failed logins. Thus, it can weed out most – if not all – brute force hacking attempts.

5. Free CDN With Photon

Jetpack’s CDN is free, compared to other CDN providers. In addition, The Jetpack’s Photon CDN doesn’t need a signup, and gives you unlimited CDN bandwidth. In short, everybody can use Photon, because it uses a CDN that speeds up your site’s loading time, giving you a three-fold advantage:

  • Google rewards faster sites with better SEO and target keywords.
  • You save your server’s bandwidth resources.
  • It improves user experience, which increases conversion rates.

All you need to do is enable the Photon module from the Speed up your site settings, found under WordPress Dashboard > Jetpack > Settings > Writing tab.

6. Detailed Stats

“Although WordPress site owners can always use Google Analytics to get their traffic stats,” says Henry Gardiner, a WP expert at Research papers UK and Draft beyond, “Jetpack’s stats mainly focus on visitors and page views. This shows you where people arrive from, what they look at, and what they click on. The admin Dashboard may show you this information, but you can get more in-depth information by clicking through to the WordPress site, and viewing your stats there.”

Jetpack is especially beneficial for multisite owners, since WordPress multisite lets you run as many individual blogs as possible, with one centralized “Super Admin” Dashboard. By running Jetpack on all the sites in your multisite setup, you get a top-down view of traffic to the entire site network, with individual stats available for each sub-site’s administrator.

“You can also check the Jetpack Post Statistics Link, which lets you see the popularity of every item on your site,” adds Gardiner. “And, it adds a column to your admin posts and pages lists, with a link to the stats for each individual item.”


With so many advantages for your WordPress site, Jetpack is ideal for virtually any self-hosted WP site. In fact, almost any WP site owner can use this fantastic plugin for general blog use. And don’t forget – it’s free!

So, give Jetpack a try, and watch your WordPress site succeed!

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