Create a website without programming skills

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Did you know that it’s possible to create your own website without programming skills? Thanks to current technology, all you need to do is download a simple application and your already on your way to creating your first website. The days of using complicated HTML codes and Javascript integration are fading away fast as we advance further in the world of technology.  In fact, there are quite a few ways to create your own website, so let’s discuss a few of them to get you started!

Content management systems – The definition of a content management system is quite simply, the ability to create a website through a software application system. The program handles everything for you, allowing you to upload any image, text, or features. If you want to make an image gallery – no problem! All you need to do is add on their plug-ins and you don’t need to worry about creating files filled with code in order to get your gallery to work. There are many possibilities when it comes to CMS. There are numerous CMS’s from which you can choose.

WordPress is the most popular content managment system and it’s popularity is rising by the day. At start it was meant to be a bloging platform but it developed at an unbelievable rate and today it is even possible to build small e-stores with it. WordPress is a CMS that has tens of thousands of plugins that will help you customize your site in any way you prefer.

Joomla and Drupal are especially suitable for corporate websites and a lot of small companies are using these content managment systems. Number of add-ons and plugins surpases 10,000 which makes both of them very adaptable.

Web Now – This website allows you to make a site just by registering your own domain, then transferring the design. The overall design, or layout can be chosen from 10,000 different templates. They also have great customer service, so if you want to know more regarding specific features, you can call them up.

Homestead – You can create a professional looking website by choosing a category, and looking through 2,000 templates that relate to that category. You can also make quick changes by their drag and drop system. In some cases, your website will already have pages available and all you need to do is overwrite these pages just by editing the text. It’s easy to create a bakery website, or a fun hobby site for cats.  Feel free to go through their quick tour to learn more about their features.

So you want to build an online store? Content managment systems will take care of that also. OsCommerce, Magento, Prestashopare amazing CMS’ for building an online store. With thousands of plugins and a big community that will help you get started you can build your own online store in a minimal amount of time.

We have saved the best part for last. The beauty of content managment systems is also the ability to change skins or templates on the fly. There are virtually thousands of professional templates with modern design that you can choose from. So don’t hesitate and start building your professional new website now.

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