6 WordPress Plugins for Great Footer Design 2019

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How does your website footer look?

Many neglect the importance of a footer assuming that most of the viewers will not scroll to the bottom of the page or below the fold. But, for designers, every bit of space within a website is important. Your job is to divert all your effort into making your site as conversion friendly as possible. If you are overlooking your footer, then you are actually missing out a lot of opportunities.

A report from ClickTale, concluded that 76% of people used the scroll bar and 22% scroll to the footer. 22% is a considerable number, and so as a smart web designer, you should optimise the site footer to its fullest.

Footers are also responsible for giving your site a more professional look. It contains both information and links to other pages which reduce the bounce rate and adds value to your site.

WordPress themes come with a default footer. But, WordPress Plugins can make it look more ornamental and enhance its functionality. Here we present 6 WordPress Plugins that will assist you in designing a great footer.

Smart Footer System

Smart Footer System removes the restriction of sticking to the design offered by the theme. It’s a flexible option to mold the design of your footer.

What makes it an excellent footer design plugin?

  • Smart Footer System is compatible with over 20-page builder plugins like WPBakery, Elementor, MotoPress, King Composer, Fusion Builder, Enfold Builder, etc.
  • It offers ten types of footers modes. They are Normal, Sticky, Reveal, Slide Up, Banner, Accordion, CSS3 Animation, Spread, Menu and Garage Door Footer.
  • A massive list of features is available being 100% responsive and working together with third-party page builders. So, it’s most likely to work smoothly with the website builder that you are currently using.
  • More than 49 readymade templates and 70 different styles are present with customization options. Works with WooCommerce and 100% WPML Compatible.
  • Version2 comes with a new graphics interface and pre-made footers. There are multiple footer designs to choose for different pages.

If you are a blogger or connected to the affiliate market, then this plugin is perfect for maximizing your earning.




Footer Mega Grid Columns

Footer Mega Grid Column can help you in manipulating the footer that came with your theme.

What makes it an excellent footer design plugin?

  • Footer Mega Grid Column is a free plugin that allows you to create multiple grids columns in your footer and add more content than before. It’s compatible with most of the themes.
  • You can add conversion generating items like social media links and mail address for the newsletter to your footer. Additionally, you may also add calendar, search bar and custom made widget menu.
  • You have the power to set the color of your background, the title, text and the color displayed for links.



Head, Footer and Post Injection

Instead of going for ten plugins to install Google Analytics, Facebook, Google DFP code, Pixel, Google products, Custom Tracking Code, etc.; you can manage all these services with a simple code that you can copy and paste.

What makes it an excellent footer design plugin?

  • You can change the theme whenever you want without losing the injected code. Control and manage all your designs from a centralized point.
  • What you used to do previously through installations can be now accomplished simply by merely copying and pasting the code.
  • The plugin supports injection of the code both before and after posting it. This code can be custom made.



YITH Footer Banner

If you are looking to produce an attractive and high converting banner, then YITH Footer Banner is your perfect choice.

What makes it an excellent footer design plugin?

  • The YITH Footer Banner plugin is free of cost.
  • Advertising on the footer is made easy through the use of comprehensive backend available offered by this plugin.
  • It’s easy to add a fully-functional email subscription form in the footer.



Header and Footer Script

If you are not that much acquainted with coding, then this is the perfect plugin for you.

What makes it an excellent footer design plugin?

  • It is a simple but useful plugin. If you require to add scripts to the header or footer at any instance, Header and Footer Script should be your choice.
  • The plugin ensures that changing the theme will not have any effect on the footer code.



Footer Putter

If your concern is only your footer, then footer putter is one of the best plugins for the job. For its outstanding performance, it has gained popularity for designing footer.

What makes it an excellent footer design plugin?

  • Footer putter provides a Copyright Widget and a Trademark Widget that expresses the legibility of the business.
  • You can add links to your Contact, Telephone number, Privacy and Terms in the footer.
  • Easy to use and implement with effortless customization options.



All these plugins are here to help make your website footer more engaging and creative. Shape your footer according to your requirements with these easy to use plugins. They can play a huge role in boosting up your lead generation.

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Liakat Hossain is a web strategist. He currently works for web design company WebAlive. WebAlive is renowned for creating innovative web solutions for businesses in Australia.

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